Amerikkkan uberchristians are fn craycray ! 😜

Every time this song is played it dispatches angels to help us catch all the goddamn kkkriminals in this country !!! 🙂 we’re gonna NEED it – 175 GQP need to be thrown in prison for #TRE45ON for AT LEAST 10-20-30-40 yrs! Remember, @RepLaurenBoebert & @MarjorieTaylorGreene were LIVE-TWEETING #1776” and @speakerpelosi’s position so the fn #TrumpInsurgents could ZIPTIE them and HANGPENCE” HANGPELOSI” in the fn GALLOWS #Magats set up in front of US Capitol. I have question for @CapitolPolice: WHO HAD TO CLEAN THE SH+T OFF THE WALLS that the #MAGAtards smeared on #Jan6???????!?! 😂TRISTA4CHANGE.COM !!