Here’s another #ASMR #relaxing #petstagram for #America, to help get ya thru #tRumpVirous w/yer sanity intact. I call this place #ReikiSW; it is my #EdenExperiment, #permaculture #foodforest ; & as #OxfordUniversity #honorsgrad in #women’s #psychology & post#PTSD #counseling; I FAVOR #cognitivebehavioral #psychotherapy, btw; coupled w/what #Freud called the #TalkingCure’; therefore I believe in the #efficacy of what I call #PetTherapy; & #AnimalTherapy; whereby animals heal u.
The act of petting an animal is Scientifically proven to lower BP; & has ‘grounding’ benefits for those who suffer from anxiety, epilepsy etc –
So here is a #cute but #angry #duck #animal #video to comfort and soothe you during this TRYING TIME OF THE tRUMPVIRUS;
I turned down 👎 NYU Film School, by the way !! 😆 For Oxford, a life dream. You’re welcome, America 🏈! /
& CONGRATULATIONS, Amerikkka by the way; for making it through the first round and second round of this tRUMPVIRUS thing. Make sure y’all keep WEARIN’ A MASK!! I seen some church ladies who said, We don’t have to. And we’re fully vaccinated. This is a DISSERVICE to old ladies, everywhere, b/c YOU CAN STILL GET IT – AND carry it; its effects are just not as severe if yer vaccinated. So I CONDEMN BIDEN ADMINISTRATION FOR TWO THINGS today: 1) not enforcing mask mandate with FINE to overcome the resistance FN tRumphumpers STILL show; and I CONDEMN THIS BIDEN GOVERNMENT FOR NOT PROSECUTING GOPTraitors of JAN6 domestic terroristic attack on our nation’s capitol. Police officers were bludgeoned to death with Trump and confederate flags; and if they succeeded in kidnapping the VP and House Speaker, they would have killed them, too. This -January 6, WAS A DOMESTIC TERRORIST ATTACK, and the Biden administration has done NOTHING to spare us the further terrorization by these GOP traitors, who, almost a year later, haven’t been charged, investigated or removed. Even the media is fucking silent; well that’s the corporate media for ya. #
LUCKY 🍀 YOU, amerca!! You are STRONG !! Remember, Dubya told ya! Haha
Anyway, you just won a FREE, #cutest #interaction ever w/#pitbull and my cranky duck, Lucky 🦆 Ben Afflaaaaaaak! – ENJOY IT !! 💕