The @catholicchurch has been carrying out global #genocide for centuries – actually two MILLENNIA. It’s time the @Vatican 1) APOLOGIZE; & 2) are held #ACCOUNTABLE for their heinous actions & crimes against humanity. #MassGraves recently discovered in #Canada are just the tip of the iceberg. The Church carried out genocide- through its missionaries who ‘colonized’ & extinguished #native & #indigenous populations GLOBALLY. The #residentialschools existed all over the world, wherever missionaries were sent; & forced #assimilation took place; in Canada they aimed to ‘KILL THE INDIAN TO SAVE THE CHILD”; /but actually what the church did was KILL #INDIGENOUS PEOPLE. Wanton & wholesale destruction of native peoples worldwide. Instead of having some compunction, the Church – & all our governments, of course are WHITEWASHING the massacres that took place. Watch @twinsp1r1t’s content for more info. At the same time, diocese like in #massachusetts were molesting and assaulting THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN HERE IN THE USA, in what surely could be described as #institutionalizedpedophilia. A few of my questions: WHERES THE FN APOLOGY ?!? From our governments OR The GD church?? So far, they LIE & say these children ‘died of natural causes’. 2) WHY ISNT ANYONE OR ANYTHING BEING HELD RESPONSIBLE?? This sh+t has been going on DURING ALL OF OUR LIFETIMES! 3) WHY THE HELL DONT WE #TAXTHEGODDAMNCHURCH? This is perfect time to take back some of that MASSIVE WEALTH they’ve been using to ‘lobby’ (BRIBE!) the government & our elected officials! And why wasn’t the #ChristianCOALITION shut down for violating #Separationofchurchandstate, now that I think of it?! Fcuk the uberchristians!! They are surely trying to take us all to Hell; thinking THEY will be only ones to go to Heaven! I say FCUK EM; they can Go to hell for being lousy people! Jesus would tell em to go to hell too. They’re fn lousy Christians ! 😆👍🇺🇸#pov #christianitytoday