Trista diGenova-CHANG stirs it up onstage, from a little standup at Taipei Improv, to open mic & MC’ing LITERATI open mic @The Living Room, to poetry readings in Dublin’s International Pub & a telephone kiosk in Belfast, & opening for punk band S.U.E. at Spring Scream, Asia’s Number #1 music festival! A little something-something for everyone. PS: I’ve been censored since the 2nd grade!

The Trista’s fave comedians? George Carlin, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Dulce Sloan, Roy Wood Jr, Desi Lydic, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, Sarah Cooper (Whachugotforme on #Tiktok), Belushi, Dave Chappelle, Mitch Hedberg, Doug Stanhope & others. & no I’m not a fan of the work of Seinfeld, though he seems a nice enough guy!

Tritsa di Genova-CHANG, reading from her book of poetry, THE WAR ON SLEEP: “In A Texas Chatroom”; & others at THE RED ROOM in Taipei
THREE & A HALF MINS OF COMEDY GOLD. Trista di Genova-CHANG opening for punk band S.U.E. at Spring Scream, Asia’s Number #1 music festival! Change ‘Bush’ to ‘Trump’ & you have a classic piece of comic genius!
‘As Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Lone Wolf Press, I am proud to have helped David Woods bring his book of poetry, ‘Birds in Cages’ to print,” says Trista diGenova-CHANG. “He & his friends organized a fantastic book launch event, in which I got to share some poems with Taiwanese/foreign audience: ‘My Motoche’ (my scooter); ‘Dear China’, ‘Hong Kong Song’ & others.”
Trista di Genova-CHANG performing a children’s story for adults, entitled ‘The Day The Blue Meanie Forgot To Pay The Electric Bill, at The Taipei Improv, TAIWAN
This song, ‘In The Death Camp’ by members of the band Radio Banciao – Mark Perrault & Trista diGenova-CHANG, glosses over tough living conditions in Nazi death camps, but seems to apply well to the current Time of Covid!
One for the Aussie contingent, & possibly sell to Vegemite company as fun – & hopefully lucrative form of advertising.
How the Taiwanese view America: very glowing, actually. Don’t know if they deserve it!
You know, when you screw up, so you don’t get any!
Ever get the impression people like their computer game & wanna spend more time with it than you? Then you will related to this song.
How does it feel to be a bee-yatch?
Very experimental radio programming, indeed.
A song written & performed by Trista di Genova-CHANG, with her band in Taiwan, RADIO BANCIAO, called ‘Lemmings on TV,’ all about how the human race is goin’ to hell in a handbasket. ‘It’s not lemmings that go over a cliff, & kill themselves / It’s people – people do”
Only the paranoid survive, man ! The Tourists (aka RADIO BANCIAO) perform a version of their song, PARANOID, in Taipei, TAIWAN. Includes opera! (Trista diGenova-CHANG)