TUCSON (AZ) – July 28, 2020: WRITE-IN SHE-RIFF CANDIDATE, TRISTA, SUES TO REMOVE & IMPRISON TRUMP ADMIN! Here is the legal basis & argument of my federal lawsuit against the tyrannical Trump Empire: I, JahTRISTA diGenova-Chang, am suing mr. tRump & his kkkriminal administration – which is essentially a crime family syndicate & should be tried as such (RICO?). I’m launching this federal lawsuit alone, pro se, without holding a law degree (yet). I consider this as a form of public service to ‘figure out’ the legal system as best I could to make sure my ‘grievances’ are heard, since all of our other instituions have failed us: our do-nothing Congress that failed to remove these criminals run amok in February; our corporate media who fail to call for his ouster as a means of survival. I consider it my patriotic duty, as a responsible citizen of this once-great country, to defend & protect our Constitutional values as a nation. Most of all, I am motivated out of a desire to prevent more — hundreds of thousands, maybe millions — of wholly preventable deaths of my fellow Americans at the hands of this brutal dictatorial regime that seized control of this country. This brutal administration openly carries out concentration camps hidden around the country, not in our name but certainly using OUR taxpayer dollars! – to mete out such cruelty on the entire U.S. population that has rarely – if ever been seen carried out by our own, US government. Just this past week, he deployed federal agents from various agencies (42nd Airborne refused to carry out his blatantly unconstitution demands of ‘siccing’ feds on American peaceably assembling – as is our constitutional rights to free speech, association & assembly – truly ‘fine people’ rallying in defense of black lives around the country, speaking out against horrific level of #policebrutality. He calls us – peacefully organizing & demonstrating Americans ‘thugs’, ‘anarchists’ & terrorists, which is code language to his racist supporters to attack us in the streets. In veiled, racist language, he’s called for ‘a civil war’ to take place in this country, & has done his utmost to provoke conflicts. He incited armed rebellion – which is a form of TREASON &, I would argue #domesticterrorism – against Michigan & Minnesota governors (Democratic, of course!) by tweeting, “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” & “LIBERATE MINNESOTA!” falsely claiming those governnors were attacking our Second Amendment right to bear arms. They were doing nothing of the kind; but armed Trump supporters respond to these seditious calls, & have overwhelmed governnors & state legislatures, bringing weapons into the building. I’m asking Your Honor to consider these seditious, treasonous acts by our very own President of The united States as a form of domestic terrorism, whereby: victims” within a country are targeted by a perpetrator (mr. tRump) with the same citizenship” as the victims; I’m asking Your Honor to disqualify mr. tRump from re-election based on this & other serious, griousvous offenses against the state, the American People, crimes & atrocities against humanity & crimes against the environment & against tribal nations & sovereignty. I’m encouraging Your Honor to sign an order the removal from office & the arrest of these individuals immediately; if it please Your Honor I volunteer my services as a Sergeant-at-Arms to coordinate such an arduous task, since these hardened criminals will surely not leave office without a huge fight. I suggest Your Honor order their imprisonment in federal maximum security prisons, until they get their fair trials. This Administration is directly responsible for disappearing thousands of children, destroying lists of their names so they are untrackable, refusing to reunite families of asylumseekers. This Administration holds us all captive to their capricious, & petty whims on a daily basis. Thank You, Your Honor, for acknowledging my First Amendment Constitutional right to have my grievances addressed in a court of law today. I will be brief & as concise as possible. In summary, I’m asking judicial relief in the form of either removing this criminal cabal from office, and at bare minimum rendering mr. tRump ineligible to run for re-election this year, based on a litany of criminal offenses — all which surely constitute in total what our Founding Fathers called ‘HIGH CRIMES & MISDEMEANORS’. I omit dates of some events & minor details that are all a matter of public record now. The evidence is in, all the evidence is a matter of public record in this case, & We The People — the citizenry of what used to be the United States – are all witnesses to these atrocities, abuses & grave offenses carried out willfully against the public interest, & on a daily basis. There is no escaping it, & mr. tRump’s incompetence has led to a BAN ON AMERICANS TRAVELING ABROAD! Who would have ever expected the richest, one of the most advanced countries in the world would have become such a pariah? Mr. tRump must be held responsible for ALL his actions, every last one of them. He uses his diplomatic immunity from prosecution as a wepon against us; he fires any Inspector Generals who get close to uncovering the extent of his heinous crimes, escaping accountability. And now he haseven violated even our Constitutional right to movement. While the nation reels from a deadly pandemic, this ‘killer’ Administration has exploited the crisis by pilfering billions of funds & distributing OUR taxpayer dollars to curry favor with their bankster friends & enrich themselves; mr. tRump & his GOP ‘sycho-phants’ (Chomsky term . In fact, I would ask Your Honor’s ruling to include elements of restitution toward the American people, who have been brutalized & traumatized by a cadre of corrupt public officials, whom Noam Chonsky, the world’s most illustrious scholar & most cited academic – describes as renegade n’er-do-wells? who eschew parliamentary politics. I ask Your Honor in advance to please recuse yerself if you are a Trump appointee, & to please expedite Your Honor’s decision, as this is not figuratively but truly a matter of life & death that you address this matter expeditiously. Under mr. tRump’s ‘leadership’ , this administration has — as a matter of public record — broken every single law imaginable. I will name a brief list here & 1000 later on in my filing; I name them in order of relevance to getting the kind of judicial relief being sought, as well as perhaps the most expedient, convenient & clear abuses of his position; namely, his & Pence’s willful & criminally neglect of their duties amid the coronavirus epidemic, which is now in full-swing & no end in sight – though he continues to force his ‘superspreader rallies’ & other events without regard for the lives of even his supporters. He refuses to wear masks in hospitals, & has continuously underplayed the gravity of this situation for months, refusing to help coordinate or provide protective gear (PPEs) for even our nation’s first responders. To this day, he is blocking funding for testing & contact tracing, which other countries have done to contain & even elimainate altogether the threat of this virus. He calls it by a racist epithet, ‘Kung Flu’, when in actuality is more like a plague. 150, 000 of my fellow Americans have needlessly perished due to the neglect of his duties, by a selfish, uncaring & frankly ‘bored’ individual with no interest in abating this national public health crisis, the worst, says Dr. Fauci – our nation’s most imminent medic, whom tRump has tried to fire for telling us the truth, since the 1918 Spanish Influenza. I studied epidemiology at Taipei Medical University& events like forcing Democrats to go to the polls & vote in-person during a pandemic, & purposely suppressing everyone’s vote by painting mail-in voting as ‘corrupt’, bankrupting the US Postal Service to prevent mail-in balloting, & replacing the Postmaster General with a hireling, who can obstruct, intercept or destroy ballots & their delivery, compromising our elections in this & a myriad of other ways. He has refused to say whether he would step down if his opponent wins, has repeatedly & publicly called these elections ‘rigged’ – which they are, actually, by the DNC as well (hence I have named them, too as Defendants in this case) I’m asking Your Honor today to put an injunction on these elections

TUCSON (AZ) – July 27, 2020: WHY EVERYBODY-DEMS & REPUBLICANS-NEED TO ELECT ME SHE-RIFF! Hi There, my name’s Trista. I thank you, Pima voters for writing in ‘TRISTA’ AUG4/Nov3rd, & know that not only will I do you all proud as yer Representative, I am happy to entertain us all in the process! Btw, Pima County Democrats website gives me & the other candidates ‘3 minutes of fame by posting campaign ad videos on their website! 
My name – ‘TRISTA’ – is not going to be on the ballot this year, as Tucson Weekly editor-in-chief, Jim Nenztl ‘uncannily’ predicted months before signatures were due. A GOP lawyer, Benny Whitey – posing as a legitimate & qualified Pima County recorder candidate – who can’t count! lol because he overzealously invalidated 17 of my qualified electors when he contested my signatures at the very last moment. I’m appealing this case on a matter of principle, & countersuing Whitey for infringing on my & OUR civil & voting rights. I ask the judge to dismiss the case & invalidate HIM, Whitey, from having HIS name on the ballot. Although it is too late, my name was stricken to the delight of hardcore racist & fascist Rethuglicans everywhere, for the last thing GOP han tolerate is an outspoken, strong & progressive women. & a & my (forced in-person!) signature-gathering was curtailed by covid. But I am appealing that case, based on the fact GOP Pima County Recorder candidate, Benny E. White, conspired to harass, intimidate me, block my ballot access & suppress the votes of the 700 or so Pima residents who signed my petitions, wanting me to be on the ballot. Each of those people I thank now, & ask you to write me in – ‘TRISTA’ on your ballots in the Arizona primaries Aug4. Due to the fact Benny White & other ‘dirty tricksters’ like that prefer to do their lawyering tactics to keep progressive voices like meself OFF THE BALLOT, It’s OFFICIAL: I filed as an OFFICIAL write-in candidate, which for all you would-be candidates out there, means if enough people vote for me – ‘TRISTA’ – Aug4-Nov3 – they will BY LAW have to ‘count the ballots’ & I can & will win.  
I’ve officially thrown me hat in the ring & entered politics at the ripe old age of 50. I’m glad I’ve traveled the world & achieved ‘pedigree’ status as a plebian, a TRUE self-made woman, & prepared meself perfectly to now enter the public stage. I’m a writer, artist, teacher, singer in a band, sometimes standup comedian, humourist in the style of Irma Bombeck & poet who has toured Ireland on a bicycle, performing my work there & kissing the Blarney Stone. I’m officially running as write-in candidate for Pima County Sheriff 2020 (I accept no donation$ ‘cuz that is bribery!); and Arizona Daily Star published the fact I am running for Arizona Governor in 2022 against Douchey; furthermore, I’m currently looking into how to run as write-in presidential/VP candidate on the US Progressive Party ticket. I have volunteered to be President Sanders’ VP, but he failed to respond – & he dropped out twice without calling out @DNC #electionfraud in the #DemPrimaries, so I guess I will have to run for President, because the media will be more likely to pick that up. I am willing to give the presidency to #PresidentSanders, should I win, if the 60% of American voters who haven’t been able to vote in the last election in 2016 wrote me in ”TRISTA” – for President this year. I’d be happy to serve as yer FIRST WOMAN VICE PRESIDENT. By the way, my ancestors come from the same small village as Geraldine Ferraro; my paesana mentor in spirit!
I grew up in Tucson, attended both Flowing Wells & Sunnyside. Then I lived, studied & worked 20 years abroad, where I obtained advanced degrees from UC Berkeley (Poli Sci); Oxford University (Master’s – my ground-breaking research, which is in the National Women’s Party archive) is in the suffragette Alice Paul; & I wrote my thesis ‘Trauma & The Veil’ about PTSD/Trauma counseling for Afghan refugee women & children). I also hold a Master’s in Medical Humanities from Taipei Medical University, with my innovative “doctorate level” research consisted of a field guide to Indigenous Use of Plants, among the Atayal & Saisiyat tribes of mountainous remote villages in Hsinchu County, Taiwan; ‘my Aboriginal family’. I have a strong personal connection with & identify meself as indigenous, or Native American, though I have less indigenous blood than Elizabeth Warren. However, I’m more proud of it! Indigenous spirituality is where it’s at, man. Honoring the Earth, Mother Nature, the ‘dao’ as its called in Taoist/Buddhist Philosophy (It’s not a religion, but a way of life!) I also studied social welfare at Stockholm University in Sweden, & wrote an amazing thesis investigating the link between Swedish women’s high quality of life & ‘social democratic’ services in Scandinavia & their high rate of political participation, one of the highest in the world. It was not accepted, however; & they refused to give me that Master’s degree, which would be my third! I’m also a doctoral student of the European Graduate School (EGS), where I plan to write my dissertation on the claim: Nobody Speaks Mandarin! which is about the history of the development of the Chinese languages.
My pre-viral profession was English teacher & journalist. I taught at National Taiwan University, & worked many years for the media as writer & researcher. I’ve always also run for office, since high school, actually! I ran & lost for treasurer against Dawn Holt! But at SDCC, I was encouraged by the outgoing student body president to run, & I did, choosing as my VP a dynamic Latina, Sandra Escobedo. were so productive & active in the students’ interest that the college president Jeanne Atherton said we were the most active student government she’d ever seen, in decades.
I’m running for sheriff as a public advocate. I’m running, frankly because the level of corruption & abuse of power in OUR local law enforcement – across the country – is OUTRAGEOUS & UNACCEPTABLE. I’m entering the so-called ‘bloodsport of politics’ as a champion of human rights. I’m an aspriring human/civil rights lawyer & volunteer physician for Doctors Without Borders. I speak several languages, including French fluently & Mandarin Chinese. & I can say for SURE that police brutality, disgusting treatment of Asylumseekers in Pima County will STOP OVERNIGHT in a Chang administration. We will treat our Mexican family & refugees with love, respect & honor, as if they were our own family members. They will get due process. And on DAY ONE, we will FREE THE BABIES! Moreover, I will drop all charges v any prisoners in my jurisdiction in prison for mj possession, & ‘free the stoners’, as I like to call that initiative, in defense of public policy. I am, I believe, the only sheriff candidate in the US who is pro-BLM; I’m pretty sure I’m the only sheriff candidate who also supports defunding the police. In this, I propose putting half of the Pima County Sheriff’s departmental budget – 135 million – towards health & human services; counseling & even housing services so we can rehome the houseless. I’m against pot busts because that ruins people’s lives, so I will instruct my officers not to prosecute individuals for mJ possession, a policy which is safer for them, too. Also on the issue of officers’ safety, I am calling out Mark Napier for jeopardizing our deputies safety & that of their families. Currently, Napier’s policy is to deny them the ability to wear protective masks; I asked an officer why they don’t wear masks, & he told me so that they can be identified as officers. That doesn’t make any sense to me at all, & I’m calling for Napier to step down for endangering our 600 or so deputies employed at the Pima County Sheriffs Department (& I would bet, he is also not letting correctional officers in our prisons wear masks, so that’s another 400 or so employees, 1000 employees who basically can act as ‘superspreading’ events when they have contacts with thousands of prisoners & illegally held detainees & refugees & asylum seekers). I learned on Democracy Now that at least 1500 children in OUR CUSTODY have ‘gone missing’, & an insider said this crime family syndicate occupying OUR White House has even gone so far as destroying the lists of these names of children & their parents who have been detained. I’m calling for each & every one of them to be accounted for, & asking Napier to step down so that I may do it as Pima Sheriff official write-in candidate (TRISTA) Aug.4/Nov.3 (although PLEASE DO write me in for Tucson police chief as well, if only to tell current PC Chris Magnus to step down over the brutal tasing to death of an unarmed, cuffed man, Carlos Ingram-Lopez – I think I went to high school with him! So police killed my friend, too. So that makes it so the Pima Sheriffs Department killed my mom, my friend & brutalized me, as well, falsely charged, arrested me, falsely imprisoned me, & at the Pima County Jail they refused me medical attention for my wounds, which got infected later & had to go to S.AZ Urgent Care; moreover they purposely freeze everybody out who’s there & NEVER EVER CLEAN THE TOILETS. I didn’t have my glasses & they destroyed my phone which had VIDEO OF DEP KNERR slamming my face into my own driveway, doing military tactics to throw me down on the ground & cuff me & take me away on bogus charges; furthermore Knerr lied in his police report & said I had stolen somebody’s mail. Carlos Ingram-Lopez was lying on his stomach on the floor, & so here I was with my face smashed against my driveway – check my photo at the prison – he scratched my face & gave me multiple abrasions on5-6 parts of my body. But I was denied medical assistance at the prison, the person at the desk there wouldn’t let me report Knerr’s misconduct. I did report it later to the PCSD’s ‘Office of Professional Standards,’ who, once they determined I hadn’t obtained video surveillance from my camera at the front gate, dismissed Knerr’s conduct, that he had done nothing wrong. I wonder if they still have that report of abuse, or if they shredded it? . I am saying all of this to make the public aware that we are all being traumatized by police. They have been militarized across the States, they have been infiltrated by white supremacists & now paramilitary-style ‘essentially secret police’, who have been deployed by mr. trump to democratically-governed states & cities, so as to incite rebellion, again. He betrayed the public’s trust to protect, honor & carry out & defend the Constitution, by ordering his armed ‘second army’ (ie boogaloo boys & other groups & even lawyers who pledge to be ‘Trump’s volunteers’. Our Department of Justice is led by a corrupt cop, too; he must go; Bar must go, & be disbarred; & investigated for many crimes, too many to list, probably. All these ‘copsuckers’ as I call ’em must GO. They must LEAVE OFFICE & BE TAKEN AWAY IN CUFFS, & I volunteer to coordinate that, if Pima voters write me in – ‘TRISTA’ – Aug4/Nov.3. I Pence & Barr & Mnuchin will all go quietly enough, but mr. trump will no doubt only leave OUR White House only kickin’ & screamin’. But HE MUST GO, TRUMP MUST GO; he should resign, but he probably won’t, unless we totally demoralize him, with say, a PERMANENT SIT-IN OF 50 MILLION AMERICANS (In Honor of Our ‘Saint John’, civil rights angel Rep. John Lewis) AT THE WHITE HOUSE & CONGRESS, until all these corrupt af criminals fricken GO !!! They are literally killing us; through their criminal neglect of their presidential/VP duties, they’ve betrayed the public trust, over & over & over again; gleefully. Their intent, obviously, is what the 1 percenters call ‘Population Control’; moreover, the GOP in particular, all the US Senators who voted to acquit this dangerous regime that’s now killed 150,000 of our brothers & sisters, they’ve (this kkkriminal administration) must be forced to leave office. The DOJ won’t do it, the US Congress won’t do it (they’re capitalizing marvelously on anti-Trump sentiment to raise campaign fund$ that under MY administration (I’m also running as VP Candidate of the US Progressive Party this year), all campaign contributions will be BANNED. Candidates asking for and accepting money is, I argue, a form of institutionalized bribery. In future, elections will be about ideas, not ‘dark money’. We must overturn Citizens United, which considers ‘Corporations as People’, an absurd idea that allows corporations to assault our democratic freedoms, & Voting Rights Act of 1964 & Help America Vote Act. Under my administration as sheriff, all OUR employees must wear protective masks. I studied epidemiology at TMU, one of best medical universities in Asia (as well as studied trauma counseling for a Master’s at Oxford University), so unlike these death-peddlers in uniform, I actually know what I’m talking about. Not only are they egged on by this criminally racist Trump administration to actually create ‘police snuff films’ that they get off on like we saw in the glint of Derek Chauvin’s eye as he smiled like a piranha at the camera filming him, as he kneeled on the neck of ‘gentle giant’ #GeorgeFloyd, who was a leader in the Christian community, a good man, a beloved man to all who knew him. I’m calling for the seizure of Derek Chauvin’s phone records for any conversation he held with mr. trump in the lead-up to that horrific crime. Police across this country, like in Wilmington, who were recorded in their cars saying they couldn’t wait to kill n****s, are carrying out a coordinated psychological assault on all of our senses. They are a cadre of sadistic conspirators who are armed to the teeth with military-grade tactical & chemical weapons to us on us, & as we have seen the past weeks, fully intend to put us all under martial law & cancel the elections in some way, so that mr trump can stay in power & continuing to brutalized the public trust, 24/4, like he’s so good at doing. I call to #defundmilitarycontractors, because with the help of traitors like Eric Prince of Blackwater These ‘swamp monsters’, as I call ’em, are empowered by the neonazi-in-chief; all of them LOVE watching their fellow white supremacists oppress us in the media, for all to see. They have run amok & with impunity. I’m calling for a purge of racists in our law enforcement, & immediate firing of all these offending officers, when Pima residents write me in – “TRISTA’ Aug.4/Nov.3 for Pima County Sheriff (and/or Tucson police chief, if you wish. These sadistic miscreants have infiltrated OUR local law enforcement system; many people have told me: OUR local law enforcement is known to be extremely ‘corrupt’, although, as artist Jenny Holzer puts it, Abuse of Power Comes As No Surprise’. They have brutalized us all long enough; I want to be Your Plan B; OUR Plan B. If enough people are pissed off like I am, & scared & had enough; & if the corporate media will publish my stuff after they’ve laid off all the media workers, & I can get the word out through my only ‘Weapon’ -& people elect me the first write-in, woman, rastafarian, pro-BLM, pro#defundthepolice hyper-progressive game-changing candidate such as meself, YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I WILL DO. I WILL SERVE & PROTECT YOU, THE PUBLIC. And I will honor my word, & put a stop to #policebrutality OVERNIGHT. It is not such an impossibility for a write-in sheriff candidate to win, btw. Roosevelt, Truman & Dewey all won write-in campaigns, even for senate or president. The thing is, WE GOT PEOPLE POWER, & until they kill us all off with the Trump Plague, we can still force ’em to step down just by showing up. As noted pedophile & comedian Woody Allen quipped, “Ninety percent of life is just showing up.” In writing daily & twice daily Letters to the Editor & podcasts (STICK IT TO THE MAN SHOW w/Trista), I am hoping the pen is mightier than the sword, and that DAVID STILL BEATS GOLIATH. I am filing a federal lawsuit to disqualify mr. trump from running for re-election, because he failed to submit his ‘financial disclosure form,’ which all candidates like myself have to submit when standing for office. Furthermore, he’s been found guilty of what’s called by our wonderful Framers of the Constitution, by Our Founding Fathers, “HIGH CRIMES & MISDEMEANORS”; in essence, every law we have on the books, from crimes against humanity via unlawful detention & forced family separation, to tax fraud of the Trump organization going back to even Trump’s father; as well as pretty much every crime imaginable; domestic terrorism, treason, just good ole corruption, RICO-style, the kind of massive corruption that finally brought down crime families before. I have also called for Napier to step down over his disastrous & shameful handling of police misconduct, when Dep Van SATEN mauled a limbless teen! Absolutely outrageous & unacceptable conduct from OUR public servants. Then Napier put this creep on paid administrative leave. This is disgusting conduct on Napier’s part – instead of charging Van Saten with ASSAULT; which is what I would & will do; this butthead brought the two traumatized teens to jail. No doubt you all witnessed another disgusting case of police brutality in Tucson, under PC Chris Magnus’ administration, Carlos Ingram-Lopez was cuffed and then tased to death! OUTRAGEOUS!! I have called for HIM to step down, as well, & in fact if y’all wanna write me in for Tucson police chief, I promise to serve in that capacity as well.
As a candidate, I accept NOBODY’s campaign contributions, because I perceive that as a form of institutionalized bribery. I myself was brutalized & falsely charged, arrested, imprisoned & denied medical attention. I was gardening one moment on my own property here in beautiful southwest tucson, & the next moment I had my face literally in the gravel of my own driveway by deputy Knerr. The Pima County Sheriffs Department is also responsible for the death of my mother, the Rev. Tama Genovese; they literally frightened her to death arriving at 4am for a ‘welfare check’. I’m running to ‘fix’ the department, in her name. We’re gonna purge OUR police force of white supremacists & abusive cops; in fact, this is a head’s up to all the mean ones in OUR Pima County Sheriffs Department – cuz sorry, officers, yer gonna be let go with severance pay, & the other half of the department MAY get SUPERIOR training. I think personally we should ‘retire’ them to deskjobs, handling phone reports & dispatch, perhaps; at any rate, where they’re safe in the office. Then I’ll be hiring demographically proportional new slate of ‘rangers’ (we’ll change the name; only I get to be ‘sheriff’! :)) In sum, if you want excellent service & protection from YOUR local law enforcement in Tucson, Arizona, I recommend myself highly to get done that job; as James Jones says ‘Get ‘er done’ & ‘Give ‘er’. If Pima residents write me in for sheriff on your ballots for Aug.4, I promise to clean it up (OUR Community Services Department), & make it protect & serve OUR interests, as individuals & not just their own interests, like it’s been run for too long now. IN DEFENSE OF PUBLIC POLICY: I’M ASKING NAPIER STEP DOWN; & PIMA VOTERS TO ELECT *ME* SHERIFF, AUG3/AUG4.

TUCSON (AZ) – JULY 27, 2020: TRISTA DEMANDS MISSOURI GOVERNOR’S RESIGNATION OVER TRYING TO FORCE SCHOOLS TO RE-OPEN DURING PANDEMIC: How the HELL did Missouri Gov. Mike Parsons get elected? What a stupid hick! & someone who is criminally negligent of his duties! How dare u put at risk our kids? Just go online, dumb arsehole, till yer Nazi prez resigns or gets voted out! #RecallGovParsons!! #ResignMikeParsons!‬

TUCSON (AZ) JULY 27, 2020: TRISTA CALLS FOR ONLINE & PHONE VOTING, ABOLISHING ELECTORAL COLLEGE. This is all a SETUP!! All we have to do is put elections ONLINE; or have them carried out by TELEPHONE ☎️! It is very inexpensive to do it like this, fair, free & safe elections! We can use our social security number, just like any credit card transaction. Look at Taiwan! With phone & online voting, Dump can’t rig mail-in ballots – safe, quick & corruption-proof! Nobody – especially myself- trusts these elections in Amerikkka any longer; besides, the electoral college will try to steal it again — like Gore & HRC — if we don’t abolish it! ‬

TUCSON (AZ) – JUNE 9, 2020: Write-in Sheriff Candidate TRISTA CHANG Announces Voting Rights Lawsuit Against GOP Pima Recorder Candidate Benny E. White; Wishes ‘Luck’ In His Race! GOP lawyer Benny E. White messed with the wrong candidate when he contested TRISTA CHANG‘s nominating signatures to run for Pima County Board of Supervisors, District 5. “Running for the Board was my second choice, anyway,” shrugged Chang. “I collected 650 signatures to run for Pima County Sheriff, my first choice, when Covid-19 hit,” lamented CHANG. “But Whitey ain’t gonna get away with his dirty Republican tricks so easily, because guess what? Benny can’t count!” Chang points out that in Whitey’s partisan zeal to invalidate as many signatures as possible, he made *17 mistakes* — in the Rethuglicans’ favor, of course. “That means Benny E. White — the Pima County RECORDER Candidate, the guy who’s supposed to accurately count ALL of our votes – made counting mistakes over 10 percent of the time! SCANDALOUS!” CHANG is asking federal courts to disqualify White E. from running for the position, & $3.5 million in punitive damages for violating Pima County residents’ voting & civil rights. ‘Good luck on yer race, Whitey!” she laughs.

TUCSON (AZ) – JUNE 9, 2020: ‘TANTAMOUNT TO DOMESTIC TERRORISM’: Sheriff Write-in Candidate Condemns Trump’s ‘Illegal’ use of Nazional Guard, ICE in peaceful protests. “It is unlawful for this criminal mal-administration to use Nazional Guard & ICE agents to ‘oppress & intimidate’ civilian crowds of peaceful #BLM protesters across our democratic nation. It’s a clear, obvious & willfully malevolent violation of our 1st Amendment assembly rights. Furthermore, using military police on the civilian population is also unlawful. The Trump regime’s never-ending, egregious abuse of power must not be tolerated. In fact, I call for the Trump Crime Family Syndicate & entire Administration’s immediate removal & imprisonment, for this heinous act & countless others, which are in clear & wanton violation of public health & safety, tantamount to #domesticterrorism, & should be charged as such.

TUCSON (AZ) – JUNE 9, 2020: SHERIFF CANDIDATE IN TUCSON DEMANDS IMMEDIATE OUSTER & IMPRISONMENT OF ‘TRUMP CRIME FAMILY SYNDICATE’. “I demand this entire mal-administration – what is essentially a crime family syndicate — be slapped with long overdue charges of #treason, #sedition, #incitingviolence, #hatecrimes, #domesticterrorism— basically every American law on the books imaginable. The time to act is NOW. We’ve put up with enough terrorism by these thugs in power. They will never resign; so they must be removed, forcibly if necessary. And if nobody listens to me, as usual, I’ll just file lawsuit against this crime syndicate myself.”

TUCSON (AZ) – JUNE 9, 2020: Sheriff candidate, CHANG, invites Graham Hancock to be ‘honored guest’ to scenic ‘skyhills’ area of SW Tucson. “This area has always reminded me of the Valley of The Kings; three mountains like pyramids in a row in what’s called mysteriously, ‘Altar Valley’. I counted ’em once-25 mountains surrounding us in a crater-like plateau that rises above the Tucson area. We overlook both Pascua Yaqui & Tohono O’oodham Reservations; the sacred origin site of the TO, Babaquivari; the acoustics & views in this area are uncanny; Kitt Peak can be seen 45 miles away. “There is something sacred about this place, & that is why I’ve invited a noted expert in the field of ancient anti-diluvian civilizations. “Graham Hancock is a HERO of human history, & consciousness of our history,” says CHANG, a student of paleobotany. “Graham Hancock’s work with the likes of Robert Schoch, Anthony West; Robert Bauval & others on the world’s ancient sites – Egypt, Turkey, India, off the coast of Japan, the Americas will one day be seen as a turning point in human knowledge of our collective past. He has raised a veil of mystery cast over all these previously totally unknown places. Graham Hancock is the reason why I wanted to become an underwater archaeologist,” said Trista CHANG. “Hopefully, he & Santha can one day take me up on my offer. Southwest Tucson could do well to get his insight & profound understanding of what this region of SW Tucson used to be; or could be. Is the Altar Valley a crater? Is there writing in these mountains? Inquiring minds wanna know,” Trista CHANG, a 50-year-old Oxford, Berkeley & Taipei Medical University scholar in the humanities, says.

‪Why don’t @thedemocrats stop complaining & DO SOMETHING, like call for his immediate removal & imprisonment of entire anti-regime? Oh, that’s RIGHT! Yer rakin’ in the Dough in campaign contribution$, by doin’ NOTHIN’ but tweet yerselves! Do yer job man!! Save lives!! (USA + LOVE EMOTION) ‬

TUCSON (AZ) – SUNDAY, JUNE 7, 2020: #HottiesNotNazis: #BLMTucson protest march a huge SUCCESS! 🙂 by STICK IT TO THE MAN SHOW w/Trista4Sheriff (Coronavirus Comfort Zone) • A podcast on Anchor Here’s my podcast interview of someone who was there! Feel free to quote &FW! DESCRIPTION: I debrief Libby Smith, a white witch who blessed in advance Saturday’s #BlackLivesMatter protest at the University of Arizona in Tucson. The night before, she cast a spell that would protect all the participants from police harm. As it turns out, it worked! 🙂 At first, things looked ominous when the U.S. Nazional Guard showed up super-early in full riot gear, two hours before the start, at 3pm – obviously spoiling for a fight, thanks to their lunatic president! However, ‘righteous’ (note correct use of the term!) #BLMTucson organizers demanded U of A chancellor make the Nazional Guard leave, threatening to cancel the peaceful demonstration altogether. Fortunately (& I wish personally thank U of A Chancellor Dr. Robert C. Robbins for this; & dedicate Beatles’ Dr. Robert! :)), he ceded to #BLM demands & the Nazional Guard had to leave campus, ostensibly. Actually, they stayed, but hid in pairs inside campus buildings, allowing to leave the students to gather unmolested for this utterly peaceful ‘beautiful’ march. ‘It was beautiful,’ says Libby, a new-to-town New Yorker. QUESTIONS FOR THE MEDIA: Why did Nazional Guard arrive early at the peaceful, campus protest? What was the exchange like between Chancellor & Nazional Guard?

TUCSON (AZ) – JUNE 7, 2020: Trista CHANG self-nominates as VP/Pres!candidate of Progressive Party: STICK IT TO THE MAN w/Trista I stick it to the man pretty hard in this episode. Bernie doesn’t owe DNC anything, does he! But he let down the Progressive movement – 77% of the population when he bowed out of the campaign- again- & now 60 percent of the American public have nobody to vote for, besides two pedophiles! Or way more, actually if you count all the pissed-off-with-politics disaffected American non-voters who, disgusted with all the corruption & #electionfraud, don’t bother to vote – or, hardcore Bernie supporters who have vowed to sit out the race #bernieorbust – unless he is on the ballot – just like in 2016! Even FF nazi ass-clown knows what’s up, having tweeted numerous times that the DNC was gonna pull out all the stops to bury Bernie again – he’s not corporate enough of a Democrat! So in this episode, I volunteer my services as supremely qualified VP, or Presidential nominee – whichever works best strategically – for the 2020 re-activation of Teddy Roosevelt’s ole #PROGRESSIVEPARTYUSA! Bernie can be on the ballot, or if he wishes to continue kowtowing to CORRUPTAF DNC, there’s always Ralph Nader! Never has the American public perhaps been so ready for a third party than NOW! Amerikkkans are fed up with the corrupt two-party system, with both parties, as Uncle @RalphNader puts it, ‘dialing for the same dollars’. At the same time, if such a ‘DREAM TICKET’ fails to CRUSH both weak-ass candidates of Lyin’ Joe Biden & Nazi Trump, then, of course we’d (the PP) have to bow out of the race at the last possible moment, so as not to split the vote & accidentally re-elect the Racist Lunatic-in-Chief. QUESTIONS FOR THE MEDIA: Would #PresidentSanders consider a third-party run? Why didn’t he run as an Independent in the first place? Would he like to run for Progressive Party President or Vice President?

TUCSON (AZ) JUNE 7 – Trista’s self-nomination for Progressive Party USA Vice President:

PP: Why would your nominee be a great Progressive candidate?
Trista CHANG: I am a Woman of The People; Low-income, but High-Class; Nevertheless, the Best Candidate Out There; Nobody is better qualified, & I’m not even braggin’, it’s just The Truth! 🙂
I’ve traveled the world; I’m a progressive, enlightened, energetic, dynamic mind-changing game-changer.
I’m an Oxford University, UC Berkeley, Stockholm Uni & Taipei Medical University grad. I always graduated with honors, from the world’s greatest educational institutions, & I did it on my own steam — always working part-time, winning scholarships but still accruing enormous – and unfair! – student debts, of course!
As Sheriff, I am running so that *I* can make priorities for OUR law enforcement; this includes: ENDING POLICE BRUTALITY; re-structuring the Pima County Sheriffs Dept & re-training deputies w/mental health training, as paramedics & in skills for de-escalation & conflict resolution.
I say: We must bury racism, not Americans!
Under my administration, we shall see Humanidad a la frontera.
I also have the honor of nominating meself – TRISTA CHANG- for the position of PROGRESSIVE PARTY VP (or Pres!) Candidate. I wanna be the first? candidate to run on the Progressive Party presidential ticket, since Teddy Roosevelt.
Whether strategically it is better to run for PP president or VP is uncertain, as yet.
If I run for President if that is more pragmatic, in the sense of drawing more press attention, to me as a Candidate; & to Progressives as a Party, I should do that.
maybe I should run for PP’s VP candidate, with the intention of getting a clear majority of voters, including all the Bernie supporters who now have no one to vote for this year, & a high percentage of them who will STAY HOME AGAIN, just like 2016, when we also had nobody to vote for!
And if WE&I WIN, BERNIE WILL BE OUR PRESIDENT, I’ll be his Vice! Or, if he wants to just kick back and be VP; I will respect that, too!
He can have a choice; all that matters to me is that: We get our President Sanders, finally; & Trump don’t win!!! Our kkkuntry & its ertswhile democratic institutions can NOT withstand another 4 years of a would-be dictator!
So, if Bernie wants, I can run as PP candidate, w/the public’s being aware that IF I WIN, Bernie will be our President! Or VP, if he wishes. Whatever, I defer to him as our true leader; in fact, this SHOULD be his second term that he wins by a landslide.
Perhaps I should run as PP VP, with that same stated intention; this is a way to get Bernie back into the race, & in a party that ain’t gonna commit #electionfraud to keep him off the ballot & the corporate media & corporate dems in power!
Whatever happens, we can switch positions.
And if Bernie says NO to joining the PP executive ticket, because he doesn’t want to offend the corporate democrats or whatever, but we’re seeing huge success, I’d like to invite RALPH NADER to join me on the ticket.
For ProgParty VP position, I am BERNIE’s SHERIFF! If I win, he will be our President, finally! I will run for VP, giving 60% of Americans who didn’t vote in 2016 somebody to vote for, not only a ‘decent candidate’  -which is sorely lackin’ right now! — but a Great Candidate, A Progressive Woman Candidate, how perfect is that!! That is JUST what we need as a nation! I support Bernie in EVERY WAY! I literally SHED BLOOD for this movement, got bit by a staffer’s dog, Bernie, & bled ALL OVER the Tucson Bernie HQ! In my podcast, ‘STICK IT TO THE MAN w/Trista SHOW’, I’ve called out the #ElectionFraud on the part of the DNC! We can’t trust them! This is a SET UP! The American people have been ROBBED of a viable presidential candidate v. TRump ‘The Nazi’. We MUST provide the American people with a viable presidential candidate that we can TRUST!! I will gather endorsements, worked in press MANY YEARS (see my linkedin profile) or my bio on; or, an award-winning online magazine I started whilst working in the media & as educator 14 years.
If we don’t poll well w/me as PP Pres or VP, I’ll drop out before the general elections, so we don’t split the vote & lose to naziface! But we gotta do this!
HMU! Endorse me! Let’s go! We’re gonna WIN!!! Bernistas & the MAJORITY of the Electorate are READY TO VOTE THIRD PARTY! ! I am brilliant political campaign strategist, hmu & I will VOLUNTEER AS YER CANDIDATE!!! 🙂 CAN”T WAIT! :)) So happy! 🙂 All the women will vote for me, all the Latinos cuz I will speak in espanol for promotion videos! & all the students, I guarantee it! Otherwise, right now, WE HAVE NOBODY TO VOTE FOR! Please let me be yer candidate! Plleeeeease! haha! I’m serious, we GOTTA RUN BERNIE AGAIN, IN THIS FASHION! So let’s re-activate Teddy Roosevelt’s Progressive Party & AVANTI ! ! ! We’re gonna have to save the world; I’m convinced this is the only thing that will work, but I gotta start with getting PP endorsement!
Give me a ring to discuss anytime of day or night, haha: I’m an early riser, btw ! ‘Early to bed & early to rise makes a (wo)man healthy, wealthy & wise”- Ben Franklin

JUNE 7 – Dr Josefu: Why do you want to be Sheriff? Trista: SO I CAN SET OUR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT PRIORITIES. Q: What are your qualifications? Advanced degrees from Oxford University & Taipei Medical University & BA in Political Sci, UC Berkeley. I’ve also been a journalist and educator many years. Grew up in Tucson, attended Flowing Wells AND Sunnyside school districts. I’m running as a public interest advocate, in the tradition of Ralph Nader. Aspiring ACLU Lawyer & Doctors Without Borders Physician. Q.What will I do if everyone votes for me, TRISTA CHANG Aug 4? TRISTA: Get rid of quotas that profit off our misery & NOT buy into for-profit prison system. No more petty pot busts! Fire abusive deputies like Manuel Van Saten & Dep Knerr; retrain OUR deputies with de-escalation & conflict resolution skills; cross-train deputies as paramedics, like our Drexel Heights firemen! Invest in substance abuse treatment and mental health uptraining for deputies under my command. Make law enforcement officers’ jobs easier & safer; better salaries & benefits. Improve public trust in OUR local law enforcement. ABOLISH ICE. & Finally, WE WILL SEE HUMANIDAD a la frontera!

TUCSON (AZ) – JUNE 4, 2020: Write-in Sheriff CHANG Urges Moveon Organize MILLION AMERICAN CAMPOUT At White House, “‘Til They’re All Gone & Safely Behind Bars” – In this podcast, PLease, Moveon! MILLION AMERICAN Campout at WhiteHouse, til they’re GONE! STICK IT TO THE MAN SHOW, I discuss & elaborate on my responses to a Moveon survey. #BlackLivesMatter are swiftly & deftly organizing protests after Minneapolis police officer #DerekChauvin‘s horrific, stone-cold murder – police snuff-porn, I call it – of an unarmed black man, ‘gentle giant’ named #GeorgeFloyd, over a supposedly forged $20 bill. Chauvin, a favorite of Trump, apparently, repeatedly looked into the camera and smiled as he put his knee on the neck of this #gentlegiantnamedGeorgeFloyd, for a disgusting 8 minutes & 45 seconds, ’til Floyd was dead. QUESTIONS FOR THE MEDIA: It was pointed out somewhere on Twitter that Chauvin had been one of the police officers Trump had ‘honored’ during a previous event. Did President Dump have any contact with Chauvin before the incident, shortly before the murder, perhaps? If so, what was the nature of this communication?

TUCSON (AZ) – JUNE 3, 2020: SHERIFF CANDIDATE VOWS TO LOCK UP ENTIRE TRUMP ADMIN: Pima Sheriff candidate Trista diGenova-CHANG, 50, promises that if elected she would ‘lock them all up’- the entire Trump Administration. Why? “These hardened criminals have tortured us all long enough with their daily crimesprees,” she said from her tranquil eco-ranch in southwest Tucson. “The Trump family crime syndicate is ruining our country, purposely letting covid-19 ravage our communities. Look at Taiwan, S.Korea or New Zealand, where government leadership is strong & doing the right thing – there have been only a handful of deaths there.”Apparently,” she continued, “Congress and Democrats in the House of Representatives don’t have the guts to do the right thing- remove AND imprison the entire lot,” she reasons. “So I’m running for office to do the American people this service, and to prevent possibly millions of lives lost to this oppressive and criminally negligent regime.” When asked what crime the Trump family and administration are guilty of, the well-traveled, Oxford- & Med school-trained Tucsonan responds, “What crime has this family crime syndicate NOT committed?”

Trump sent in the National Guard, even before the gathering started. Doesn’t this indicate malice of intent?

TUCSON (AZ) – May 30, 2020: SONGS FOR THE REBELLION – #GeorgeFloyd edition DESCRIPTION: I recorded some songs tonight, in solidarity w/poor peaceful protesters -who have been called THUGS’ by OUR own president; & law enforcement -PEACE OFFICERS-who have been told by OUR PRESIDENT to FIRE ON US!! Their fellow citizens, exercising our rights & freedoms! Btw, THERES NO SUCH THING AS UNLAWFUL PROTESTS, only our RIGHT TO ASSEMBLY! & FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION! SHame in our White House! Elect me TRISTA CHANG – Sheriff Aug 4 & I PROMISE I will #LockThemAllUp! LOCK UP THE REAL CRIMINALS IN THIS KKKUNTRY! 😛 stay safe everyone