In Praise Of The BLM ✊🏿 ✊🏾 ✊🏽!

I love ❤️ black people-Their strength, their willingness to speak the truth, their humor, their courage & their honesty about the pain we are all experiencing right now.
VIVE LA BLM✊🏽✊🏿✊🏾 @TucsonBlm THANK U 🙏 FOR SHOWIN’ US THE WAY, #BlackLivesMatter! I nominated u for #nobelpeaceprize!

FIRST OF ALL, THANK YOU 🙏 #BLMs across the country, for showing us the way in this modern #CivilRights movement.
I’m asking all #TucsonBLM members & supporters in this movement to WRITE ME IN as @PimaSheriff; and when #PimaVoters MAKE HISTORY & elect me – T-R-I-S-T-A – the FIRST SUCCESSFUL WRITE-IN SHERIFF CANDIDATE IN USA 🇺🇸- ALL WILL BENEFIT, even the stupidest Trump apologist, because I stand FIRMLY on the right side of history.

We will uplift BLM ✊🏾 leaders as the heroes they are! I will create a public safety award 🥇 for OUR #PimaCountySheriffsDepartment- & they will be 1st recipient!
If you all WRITE ME I. -TRISTA4SHERIFF- #policebrutality stops 🛑 overnight!

I’ll hire #ACLUAZ & #BLM organizers as consultants to make every part of this ‘#CriminalInjustice’ system’s process safe; humane; & with #Justice4All.

I’m #BerniesVP candidate- I wish! 🙂 🔥

I celebrate #Blacktober, & as your #PimaSheriff, will make sure a chunk of OUR #LawEnforcement’s $160 MILLION DOLLA budget goes toward some kind of #blackmusic #blackhistory #blackappreciation festival – monthly!

And I have already invited the Marleys for a #BlackFest of some kind! @nanarita @damianmarley @houseofmarley

Btw, I ACCEPT NO $, ONLY ENDORSEMENTS. I’m asking @chrisrock @ @snoopdogg for their endorsements; as well as @attorneyCrump & @RepAlGreen & #JaimeHarrison & family of #BreonnaTaylor & BTW, if I’m not mistaken:


There will be NO MORE HOMELESSNESS. I’ve already promised #VetsForward & VetsForProgress, ALL VETS & HOMELESS PEOPLE WILL GET A PLACE TO LIVE IN #PimaCounty, because #Trista4Sheriff pledges to put HALF of OUR po-lice budget towards #Health&HumanServices that promote safety- especially housing, substance abuse counseling & mental health initiatives that will make Tucson a WORLD-CLASS CITY for the care of its citizens- ALL its citizens! 🇺🇸 – even the dumb trump supporters! Lol 😆 😝
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