Love❤️note😘to #PresidentSanders !!

❤️🔥LOVE 💕 YOU, MY PRESIDENT! If @DNC hadn’t #riggedprimaries – twice we would all be a-callin’ u #PRESIDENTSANDERS! You were RIGHT, Bernie! And @ewarren was stupid and all let us down 👇 by not IMMEDIATELY ENDORSING U, instead of lameass @joebiden! Sorry, I’m just bummed a million amerikkkans will probably die from #tRumpVirus, by the time #covid subsides … We literally can trust no one in this society. Our Congress, our government, our #corporatefnmedia (#breakupthemediamonopoly) – hey #PRESIDENTSANDERS, if #hrc & #corporatefndemocraps didn’t interfere in 2020 primaries, how would u have dealt w/a #tre45onous event such as the #jan6 attack on Congress? I would have instructed DOJ to PROSECUTE THESE MFRS TO FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW ! But Noooooo, they’re all still runnin’ free ! Wtf !!! #tiobernie, help make some sense of that! Thanks 👍 & praises for u !! Hope u make it to run again. Run with me as my VP! Or, at least if I make it to Prez, u would have first right of refusal! U certainly fn deserve it twice over!! We love ❤️ u man !! Live long & stay healthy we gonna need u !