Mr Dump is both unfit for office AND criminally insane 🤡

By refusing to concede – like a big baby 👶 having a temper tantrum – orange Nazi is trying to actually break the system. That’s all he knows how to do – try to tear down things – scalp em, sell em for scrap – like casinos 🎰! Who the heck could actually bankrupt a casino?? Ever heard of anybody else who is such a financial BLACK HOLE they could actually bankrupt a casino? No? Me either- Usually it’s the other way around, right!? But Fonald rump did!! Ronald Dump found a way. It’s in his character. He was raised a sociopath like his father, Fred Trump The Klansman (see @NYTimes, 1927; which 🍊 🤡 LIED 🤥 about. That guy fn lies about everything, man !! If you asked him his fn name, he’d fn lie to you. Why? He LIKES 👍 Lyin’. Quite simply! Cuz he’s (according to psychiatrists, thousands of whom say DONALD TRUMP IS UNFIT FOR OFFICE. He basically has same psychological makeup as. Cult leader, #JomJones – of #Jonestown fame. Any asshole who romanticizes drinking ‘kool-aid’ with these terrorized people , well, as an Oxford-educated volunteer trauma counselor, I propose a Jonestown documentary as REQUIRED VIEWING amid this #covid outbreak. I personally call the #corinavirus #rona, #covid19 etc, what it SHOULD be called: the fn #TrumpVirus—-man-made & #nasty! His niece, #maryltrump the psychiatrist 👩‍⚕️(Whom I nominated for BOTH #Pulitzer AND #NobelPeacePrize; the former for her BLOCKBUSTER BOOK Theater #SoldOUT – a #MILLION COPIES – far outselling her funcle the carbuncle on the nation’s ASS’s book for all-time sales for his #ghost-written #ArtOfTheDeal – haha!! 😂 In actuality, the fn #OutgoingPresident can’t read or write ✍️; & according to ex-#APPRENTICE staffer @NoelCasler, a talented #standup #comic now, me asswipe nazifuck not only snorts an enormous quantity of meth Amphetamines- making him the FIRST – and hopefully LAST #MethHeadPresident, but HERE’s THE STINKER – scuse the pun!! – mr funky junky clunky monkey Trumpy numbnutz wears #DIAPERS & several times shat himself 😂 during filming on the set, & had to go get changed, like the snotty little infantile ‘brat’ (his family’s name for him), self-described ‘#psychopath’, with arrested development that he is. And this is the pos garbage 🗑 president you guys allowed to not ‘run’, but RUIN the country? You guys- well half of you if the broken election system is any fn indicator at all anymore- actually VOTED for this vile pondscum? A tantrum-throwing, vindictive-as-shit, #illiterate, Hitler-lovin’ (he reads Mein Kampf before bed, it’s on his nightstand Ivana said. Who could love ❤️ & adore an #UnabashedFascistLikeDonaldTrump, a hated for good reason, gangster-lovin’ thug like this #treasonous #thug? And btw, has the fn GALL to call #peacefulprotesters like the #BLM ‘thugs’, the #BlackLivesMatter movement, which I have also nominated for a #NobelPeacePrize. He is constantly projecting his dark, evilAF ‘meth-head’ side onto us, AND simultaneously deflecting any blame or attention from himself. It’s ‘brilliant,’ if you consider the evil cunning of the criminally insane a sign of ‘intelligence’. Mr assface nazifuck knows exceptionally well how to break a law in every way imaginable, & to even invent new ways of fn breaking the law; or new laws to break, because he ran out of laws to break on his fn 4-year #crimespree. Many people say Trump is a moron. He is socially retarded, to be sure, and always was. He was always coddled and protected from being held responsible for his actions, always, writes #MaryTrump. I think Trump is no moron. tRump is both a criminal genius, I guess – to be able to evade any fn #accountability or #oversight at all is quite an achievement. tRump is a #Gifted riminal, in that respect. He’s gone farther to destabilize every aspect and institution of this entire nation. He’s a super-bully who’s pretty much got his way, all this time. As president, his #immunityfromprosecution is his superpower. He is #petrified of going to jail, so I point out, for the fn millionth time: he is so dangerous to the entire planet 🌎 right now, that he should be INSTANTLY #REMOVED & thrown in jail. Like fn INSTANTANEOUSLY; yet he stays, like an abusive babysitter who molests us when our parents are gone for the evening. He’ll never 👎 step down, & by the looks 👀 of it, he will never 👎 leave OUR #WhiteHouse, even on Jan.20. He fully expects to call #martialLaw and stay in power; AND start his fn #CivilWar; AND fn try to start #WW3 with #Iran, AGAIN; AND he’s criminally insane, Let me reiterate that in ALL CAPS for the 70 million morons out there that actually believe a fn word this asshat 🤡 says; or his mouthpiece, fn faux ‘news’. But really, America, did 70 million #assfacedRacists actually vote for #BonaldFump? A #DemolitionClown like FF Nazi ass-dump? After all we all know about him, and after he is directly responsible for the deaths of 300k of us 🇺🇸, AND blocked #funding for our nation’s 1st responders during an epidemic? Do you farken arseholes know that his administration still has in their custody #666 children, ripped apart from their parents at the border, in the cruelest fn misuse of our president’s power, EVER. That is a fn #DailyAtrocity. If he hadn’t turned away the human rights inspectors at the border, this whole fn administration would have been accused, surely, with #CrimesAgainstHumanity. This fn clown 🤡 & his mal-administration have been on a #crimespree for too goddamn long. For too goddamn long, they’ve gotten away with breaking what remained of our #democratic system. I only pray we can remove him sooner than later,in the interest of JUSTICE; but most importantly, to #SAVEHUMANLIFE; & to #SaveOurChildren. Rabid Republicans – who obviously dominate the #Rethuglcan Party, routinely deny the existence of any problems at the border. These fn creatures deny there are fn kids in cages; we, yes AMERICA 🇺🇸, our fn ‘Greatest Country On Earth’’ earth 🌍 is indefinitely detaining infants babies, toddlers, as a Nazi-like #zeroTolerancePolicy, set by the #DepartmentofHomelandSecurity, which is illegally headed by fn #ChadWolf as ‘acting secretary’, so basically a fn #henchman who #congress just let’s fn stay in office, for some fn reason. And criminals have no honor, so even though fhe governments own @GAO -Government Accountability Office – stated ff Nazi tRump appointed dumbass #ChadWolf by circumventing the senate. JFC, on a bicycle 🚴- His niece Mary writes in the fascinating tell-all #bomshell #NYTimes #bestseller, #TooMuchAndNeverEnough that dumpy is classic, textbook 📘 narcissist- fulfills all the diagnostic criteria – for that and he’s a sociopath like his father, who was arrested 1927 for rioting against police with 1000 other kuklux klansmen (KKK); moreover she says he’s ‘antisocial’, which to me – formerly Psychology tutor at Oxford university- is background of a terrorist or dangerous anarchist. 45’s must be about the same exact psychological makeup as Jonestown cult leader, JimJones. Guess they don’t call him #PresidentJimJones for nothin’! Btw, 45 made Freudian slip when he said Mary called him ‘psychopath’- ! With this dangerous criminal in the White House, we’ll all be very lucky 🍀indeed to make it out of 2020 alive! 

American experts – thousands of #mentalHealthProfessionals in a @Yale study led by #DrBandyLee, tell us, warn us: #TrumpIsMentallyUnfit for public office. He’s a fn pathological everything. We’ve got a fn #LunaticInTheWhiteHouse, running amok and bankrupting our country like a casino 🎰!

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