I’ve heard countless BIPOC creators talk about the mass reporting by trumpers on Tiktok, so-called ‘banning services’, which aims to shut up any voices from the left end of the political spectrum. Then, too, after Tiktok was bought up by Oracle – a effen tRump ally – it’s been over-run by white supremacists. They shut down native voices, black voices in particular. The app funds creators who strive for white Supremacist goals; but won’t fund any creators who support BLM. It is a pity that the review process favors bigots and disadvantages POC or their allies-accomplices. Specious reports are made, and Tiktok has no protections for our right to free speech; yet they enable the colonizers voice, always. On the good side, Technology is good. There is a lot of potential but pretty soon we shall find new app to immigrate to