Note to #MarjorieTaylorGreene On IG!😝

@trista4congress Hey 👋 Marge- YOU SPELLED “variant” WRONG, df! 😆 But I guess that’s 2b expected from someone who JUST GOT YER GED IN 2019!!! What’s wrong- Rethuglikkkans wouldn’t ‘hire’ u as an actor unless u got HS equivalent? 😆 Because NOBODY WOULD TAKE U SERIOUSLY IF THEY KNEW U WERE HS DROPOUT 😝 lol TRISTA4CHANGE.COM – PS: I SUPPORT YER IMMEDIATE REMOVAL & BEING CHARGED W/#TRE45ON & #sedition! Gfy 🇺🇸#MargerieTaylorGreene IS UNFIT FOR OFFICE! Rest of youse have a nice day ! ❤️stay safe/wear a mask 😷