Note to US Capitol Police! 🇺🇸

Cute ! ❤️I have a question for US Capitol Police: DO YOU AGREE w/me on this position? I would argue that 175 or so “GQP” need to be thrown in prison for #TRE45ON for AT LEAST 10-20-30-40 yrs! Remember, @RepLaurenBoebert & @MarjorieTaylorGreene were LIVE-TWEETING #1776” and @speakerpelosi’s position so the #TrumpInsurgents could ZIPTIE them and “#HANGPENCE” as they chanted; & “#HANGPELOSI” in the GALLOWS #Magats set up in front of US Capitol. And 2) WHO HAD TO CLEAN THE SH+T OFF THE WALLS that the #MAGAtards smeared on #Jan6???????!?! Sorry for the loss of #BrianSicknick and the TRAUMA experienced by the black Capitol Police officers, being nearly killed, not backed up by the @NationalGuard b/c trump told em to STAND DOWN; & called the ‘N’ word ‘more times than in all the rest ‘ of their lives combined!! Seems clear to me y’all got ATTACKED BY A BAND OF NEONAZI TURDS !!! Am I wrong?? Thanks for your service! And support me – I support YOU!! Much respect & love 🇺🇸! TRISTA4CHANGE.COM !!