PRESS RELEASE! #Trista4Governor22; & #POTUS2024! 👍

Hi, I’m Trista! – progressive candidate and advocate for progressive change in our community. PLEASE SIGN MY NOMINATING PETITION TO RUN FOR GOVERNOR OF ARIZONA! Deadline April 4th! Pls follow & share!

I’m a social justice warrior! 🙂 That means that I’m in this to fight for all of our civil rights and best interests!

I am fighting to protect our FREEDOMS and CIVIL RIGHTS in our beautiful though besieged kkkuntry, the good ole U.S. of A.

Of course, first and foremost I stand for the best interests of my fellow Americans, Americans FIRST, of course – UNLIKE MR TRUMP, WHO WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR JANUARY 6TH #INSURRECTION! I will not rest until Trump and almost 200 Republicans are charged with insurrection, and removed from office. I stand for we the people and not for any corporate interests.

When you elect me, I am incorruptible! I don’t need any money, I have my own.

I stand for WeThePeople, and NOT 🚫 for any corporate interests; as well as the best interests of the international community, because we are a member of a global community! Although the powers that be try to isolate us, and brainwashed us with their right-wing propaganda! By the way, I propose americab break up the corporate media Monopoly, where five corporations own all of our media!!

When I’m in power, I’m going to show the way that we can all live peacefully, together, and being a responsible steward for our beautiful environment, and relationship with mother nature. #colonizergetfucked 😆

I spent half my life living, working and studying abroad: UK, France, Sweden, Taiwan, so I have seen many advanced countries’ systems, and met public servants around the world who are truly doing a fantastic job. In fact, we can and will learn from the mistakes of others – that is the definition of WISDOM; and there is no reason why we cannot create novel, innovative solutions to every single problem that exists – right here in America!

As an honors graduate of Oxford University, UC Berkeley, and Taipei Medical University, I have a solution for every problem, literally! And I’m totally cool with sharing all the credits, for what will become a #ReturntoCamelot! 🙂

Policy-wise, we will pick up where JFK and FDR left off. That means we will see a new transparency in government that we’ve never seen before; a codification of civil rights legislation; and a return to peacetime activities and pacific national priorities. For example, there’s absolutely no reason why we cannot eradicate homelessness, across America!

There are plenty of resources, just not the right public officials in power making these decisions, which is why you need to elect me #Trista4Governor this year! And vote for progressives in every race! And consider running for office yourselves, so we can take back our government! Btw, If you haven’t already, please sign my petition to get on the ballot:

I was a teacher and journalist for decades, and worked for the US State Department under President Clinton, aiming to become a diplomat – Foreign Service Officer.

Then the presidential ‘selection’ of 2000 took place, and like many of you, became very disillusioned and disgusted at the sheer amount of blatant corruption in our government ‘leaders’! Then I realized there is no such thing as ‘us and ‘them,’ there’s only US!

So I am putting the ‘us’ back in USA! 🙂

In TristaLand, there’s somethin’ for Everybody! I’m running a truly populist campaign, in that there is plenty of everything for all of us – if we share, that is! in this – the richest nation on Earth!

When I win this year for GOVERNOR of #Arizona (sign 🛑 here to get me on the ballot – the Most Progressive Candidate in America!🔥 ); or as your US Senator for Arizona; or #POTUS2024 – or when I win All my races! – I’m gonna be the best representative any of you has never had! 🙂