Q&A: “Trista, are you serious 🧐 about running 🏃‍♀️ for Senate and/or Governor? “

Asked by JANE in Connecticut
I’m not surprised
Trista Tramposch diGenova-CHANG – who filed statements of interest 2 days ago, to run 🏃‍♂️ for BOTH US Senate to replace KYRSTEN Sinema (D-AZ) ‘bump on a log 🪵 who may as well be REPUBICAN”.
I am serious about running to win BOTH my races for senate AND governor! That is my dream – to win both races! 🙂
I already created an online petition so as to be sure to get plenty of fn signatures by April 4, the deadline for nominating signatures. Twice now, both Dems AND Repubes have succeeded in suppressing my candidacy & prevent me from having my name printed on the ballot. I have argued to the Arizona Supreme Court that Mr Benny E White -then actually my candidate for Pima County Recorder, purposely miscounted my signatures, in the process actually invalidating 17 signatures that were VALID. Then there are a million ways to invalidate a signature- moved & didn’t register; a from; a member of the opposite party.
In my experience, BOTH PARTISS are bound corrupt, & must be replaced with a cadre of progressives.
Where have the Progressives gone, anyway? Where are my fellow & sister #PresidentSanders supporters?
In my experience, it has been too easy for candidates of both parties to cheat, basically; to use intimidation & fudging evidence of your ‘caging lists’ used by the Rethuglican’ Party 🎉 for two decades now.
I was in DC in the last stolen election 🗳; I was I passed the Foreign Service Exam with ease, apparently; afterwards I heard some ambassadors had to take it 2-3 times 😆
If Trump, I mean Bush hadn’t successfully stolen that election, perhaps 🤔 right now I would have attained my dream of being an ambassador- to Taiwan 🇹🇼; or trade Rep, actually.
So- if the Electoral College hadn’t ALSO played a part in that Day That Democracy Died. When I get to Congress I will draft and support a FLURRY OF LEGISLATION, which I outline in my podcast, #STICKITTOTHEMAN (Season 2); & my Obamaphone podcast #AFROSOULSISTATRISTA Show (Season 3).
Also in my podcasts and on my website, TRISTA4CHANGE.COM, I have outlined “13 WAYS WE MUST CHANGE THE ELECTORAL SYSTEM-or we’re TOAST”.
That ‘selection’ as they called it in 2000 – with familiar faces Alan Dershowitz & fn #AmyConeyBarrett – a crazy 😜 lady trump and #bitchmcconnell rammed through senate confirmations so trump could win – or so he hoped – if he could only get it – the bogus #BigLie and fake #electionfraud lawsuits, almost a hundred of them !! Lol 😆
At any rate, I am their Worst Nightmare- someone who is DEMANDING WE ALL TALK ABOUT THE REAL ISSUES; not this obfuscation of the truth and PERPETUAL IMMUNITY THESE KKKRIMINALS SEEM TO ENJOY. Where are the flurry of kkkriminal lawsuits against mr Ass-Dump and his enabling associates? UNBELIEVABLE they got away with soooo much, right? At least so far – until you SEND ME TO WASHINGTON, pls!! Then I can kick 🦵 ass and take names, as they say in the military.
Fn unbelievable, disgusting, infuriating that the people who SET UP GALLOWS to #HangMikePence & #HangPelosi; and bashing over the head to death a Capitol Police 👮‍♂️ officer, #BrianSicknick; ironically, a Trump supporter himself; and although #bluelivesmatter at a #BLMprotest, they ain’t worth sh+t if they’re killed by a trumphumping BOOTLICKER of a supporter, at the Capitol, no less.
‘Have they no shame?’ Is a fn LAUGHABLE RHETORICAL QUESTION 🙋‍♀️ OF THE RETHUGLIKKKUNTS. Good 👍 joke!! Of course, they fn obviously DONT have any ‘shame’- they are too far gone for that. So today their Colleagues in congress ‘GQP’ as they’re now called, 175 or MORE of these ‘legislators’ – Josh HAWLEY, Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado; & that douchewipe #MYG #MarjorieTaylorGreene, who had the fn nerve to BROADCAST HER TRE45ON by tweeting ‘1776’ AT FHE IM#INSURRECTION.
They gave QAnon & Trumphumpers tours of the Capitol building the day before- SO THE #INSURGENTS could be more effective the next day.
I often wonder 💭 & kinda wish, quite frankly, that QAnon succeeded in capturing Mike Pence. Mike Pence’s life was saved by a black Capitol police officer, btw, who told him to go the other way, lest he be accosted by the fn traitors who broke into the Capitol that day.
So yeah, nobody in congress is doing Jack to promote OUR interests.
The Republikkkans SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO SERVE IN CONGRESS, BECAUSE THEY WERE PART OF A RECOLT; an insurrection; what have you. It is TREACHERY; it is TRE45ONOUS; & if Arizonans elect me as their senator, these people will have hell to pay 💰; I will #GiveEmHell like 👍 NO other person so far has. Where are the lawyers?
Keep in mind this one point ☝️: The Republikkkans were ORCHESTRATING THE WHOLE ATTACK FROM WITHIN. That is what we saw; that is what we ALL WITNESSED. Mr. FF Nazi ass-Dump told the National Guard to stand down and basically protect his supporters from harm. were live-tweeting Nancy pelosi’s location to the invading trump zealots on Jan 6 are roaming’ free 🦅/ well, that sounds like fn #TRE45ON to me.
So I’m gonna oust Sinema so I can go after these CS in the Senate.
Unfortunately, NOBODY IN OUR CONGRESS – not even old friend BernieSanders; or AOC, #ilhanOmar; #repjeffries; #speakerpelosi ; #jerrynadler #sensxhumer #valdemings —-NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT THIS TRE45ON; so I am running 🏃‍♂️ to WIN THIS SEAT FOR ALL PROGRESSIVES, and for ALL AMWRICANS sure my name was not in the ballot. Fortunately with state races, no in-person signature-gathering is needed! Halle-fn-lujah.! And if I have a sense of humor in my campaign/s it’s a fn coping mechanism that works best for me.
I met online a woman – a self-described COMIC running for office whose campaign ads were BORINGaf!!!! I was really disappointed. She was all serious and boring.
I think a lot of people are tired of the fakery and phony and corruptaf politicians.
I’ll do it my way, I will make people LAUGH; and they will REMEMBER me for that —PLUS, of course my BRILLIANT IDEAS 💡.
And hopefully they’ll vote me in to take the place of KYRSTEN Sinema who is useless bump on a log and might as well be repubican.


Tonight’s campaign ad, using Tiktok !

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