This POS garbage 🗑 president deserves nothing but our contempt & boot 🥾 out the door

I have absolutely no ‘compassion’ for mr trump in his narrow loss. Only contempt & anger that every day, he commits a new atrocity. Every day there’s a new scandal, usually more horrific than the last. He won’t concede and will have to be dragged out of the White House on Jan 20? So be it! I’ll prepare some popcorn 🍿 probably with millions of other Americans 🇺🇸 and I only hope he is unsuccessful in trying to start WW3 so he can try to stay in power indefinitely, like his other dictator friends.
My ‘feeling’ & assessment of the matter is this: Trump KNOWS he is a fraud; a traitor and little better than a mafioso thug. Because he KNOWS all these things, he keeps on compounding more problems and crimes to distract us all from the basic ones: 1) He asked Russian interference in our elections. 2) he owes $1 billion to the fascists (Russian oligarchs, the communists (China COMMUNIST Bank) and the Nazis (deutsche Bank). 3) he’s extremely susceptible to bribery because he’s so deep in the hole financially; and therefore he has sold out his own country, & is actually a danger to us all, to allow him to stay in office even one minute longer. There’s a reason he’s called #presidentjimjones. There’s a reason APSA considers him the worst US president in history. He will be known henceforth as BENEDICT DONALD.

mr assface Nazi dump deserves nothing more than our deepest scorn and contempt; and preferably to be pilloried 🙂 Trump deserves same treatment as a any terrorist or hardened criminal who is directly responsible for over 315,000 dead Americans- so far ! 🇺🇸

Trista “Pimptastic” Tramposch di Genova-CHANG! MIGHT AS WELL #DefundTheGovernment & #DefundTheWhiteHouse & #DefundTheCongress-we’d all b better off by #STICKITTOTHEMAN w/#Trista4Sheriff -A Trumpvirus-free #ComfortZone (Season2!) • A podcast on Anchor

blametrump! Other countries with responsive leaders got Covid under control in 120 days – didn’t even go into lockdown or close schools or businesses! Somebody needs to grow some balls 🏀 ⚽️ & charge this entire admin for treason, massmurder, & electionfraud, for starters