I got evidence and testimony of an EXPERT that the USGOVERNMENT is GEO-FENCING me.
A few recent examples how they ‘operate’ to try to SHUT US ALL DOWN!
Their intent is to SILENCE DISSENT! And ‘thanks’ to the fn erroneously named ‘PATRIOT Act’ , our government now has ‘catlrtebblanche’ – s use the pun- to listen 👂 in & bug our phones 📱 & communications devices; & social media. What’s that you say about a warrant lol 😂- judges always rubber-stamped ALL of these fn unrealsonable searches and seizures. I don’t fn care what you idiots say- no knock ✊🏾 data warrants are fn #unconstitutional; they, too, are fn #unreasonablesearchandseizure.

No, the United States 🇺🇸- once a land of such freedom and promise – has deteriorated into a fn fascistic, police 👮‍♀️ 🐷 & military surveillance state – I said it, so GFY, if u just wanna put up w/fn hooligan neonazi a over-running our government in broad daylight Jan.6.
To be fair to the #BidenAdministration, they have worked hard to undo some of the ravages to our poor, tattered fn country after 4 years of the most fn criminal administration in modern world 🌎 history. YOU GUYS pilot up with the 30,000 fn lies; didn’t bother holding your elected officials accountable for fn ANYTHING .It fn CUNTinues to the day – 150 or so CONGRESS MEMBERS who orchestrated & were co-conspirators in the Jan6 insurrection. As testament to our FEEBLE @FBI, they fn gave all those Capitol-storm era A SLAP 👋 ON THE WRIST- no fn #sedition charges, any of them! TRUMP who TO THIS DAY Is fn conspiring publicly to overthrow the government- runs free 🏃‍♀️- HAHA 😛 btw – Facebook turned him down again- so TRUMP NEEDS FN LIFE BAN FROM SOCOAL MEDIA! I apparently need to go to federal courthouse and ask judge to PUT A COURT ORDER ON TRUMP LIFE BAN FEOM SOCIAL MEDIA. IMHO, if u guys don’t have the heart ❤️ to ask for the death 💀 penalty in CRIMINAL COURT FOR ALL THE FN HEINOUS SH+t HE DID – well, I guess I would settle for TRUMP BANISHED TO GUTMO, I mean Gitmo…!!! 😝 Now, THAT would be NEAT!! As president, I would invite Cuba 🇨🇺 to open funny 😆 museum around visitors who get to see fn trump in solitary confinement for the rest of his fn life, in Cuba 🇨🇺!!! 😂 it’d be great 👍 for their tourism!! 😂 Ha Well, at least that would help make amends for our fn government espec ‘POPPY BUSH’ – trying to assassinate #FidelCastro so the #Arbusco #fossilfuelcompany had $23 million invested in #oilexploration rights! I think 🤔 #NoamChomsky would back me up ⬆️ on that point! ☝️

. #legaltimes #scotusblog

they don’t need no fn data warrant even. MORE EVIDENCE : So my new ranch hand 🤚 is desert storm vet. Known war so he just MCGYVERS his immediate family/circle- he used to set up satellite 📡 communications in the Middle East – so he is fn EXPERT & confirmed my suspicion “s: I’m being geo-fenced. He even traced it to DHS. So I am pissed 😠 & maybe 🤔 sue DHS to fn CEASE AND DESIST trampling over ALL OF OUR FN COVILBRIGHTS, I mean civil rights lol 😆 – so I’m curious whether this sudden inability to post my ‘noisy critic’ responses is due to THEM – or a glitch in the site?

My guess is it’s THEM- b/c I am also UNABLE to post to ARIZONA DAILY STAR, our main newspaper here. Their webmaster says they’re not blocking me !!! 
#CEASEANDDESIST U DHS A$$HOLES!!! I am governor of Arizonans, & call for a probe into yer identity/use; after which YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW !!! 📚 #CEASE AND DESIST SUPPRESSING ME & THE REST OF MY FELLOW AMERICANS 🇺🇸 YOU pOS NAZI THIGS!! 😂 #comedy #satire #pov #viral #tiktok #polotics #blm4ever. PS : I THINK 🤔 I WILL GIVE BLM ✊🏾 MEDAL 🎖 OF FREEDOM – & TAKE BACK RISH’s- AND LETS LET THE BLM ✊🏾 RUN 🏃‍♀️ THE PO-LICE STATIONS !!