WHO OWNS TRUMP’S BIG FAT TENNIS ARSE? Moral: Reality’s funnier than Fiction, FF! 🍊 🤡

FACTOID: Our ‘president’ #Drumpf owes almost $1 BILLION to foreign countries! 😳 😝 😂

That’s including $330 MIL to ⁦‪@DeutscheBank‬⁩ – called the ‘nazibank- cuz that was literally the Nazis’ bank 🏦! 🤣 @$120 Mil to CHINA 🇨🇳 #COMMUNIST Bank!! Hello 👋! Weren’t the right-wingers (fascists) & @GOPNazis just accusing #PresidentSanders & even #RepublicanLite @JoeBiden fn ‘communists’?! Conflating ‘socialism’ with ‘communism’ when the only ones getting ‘socialist’ stimulus/bailout checks are the fn corporations & the corporatists that love them?
The workers have been ALL thrown under the bus 🚌! The businesses, too! One in 5 American 🇺🇸 BUSINESSES have gone BANKRUPT, in this #TrumpEconomy, with 40 MILLION (I think I heard it’s actually 65 MILLION UNEMPLOYED, taking into account fhe underemployed or unemployed whose applications are rejected to keep the unemployment numbers low!
what a f’d up system this is, man!! It’s not actually ALL Trump’s fault; he just pushed us all to BREAKING POINT; because he’s a fn self-described ‘psychotic’; & he fears the cold, hard fn #JAILTIME he gots a-comin’ to him, he has PULLED OUT ALL THE STOPS to stay in power. He will stop at NOTHING – perhaps even starting a nuclear war- hey man, this guy is #nuckimgfutz, he’s got the ‘football’, AND he already tried to start war with #Iran like a million years ago. Remember that?! Yeah, he talraitorously put 1000s of our servicemen and women in harms way, sending them to Baghdad; could have been to their death 💀 of Iran 🇮🇷 hadn’t warned us first before making a retaliatory strike. Let’s hear 👂 from some of those soldiers who came back from trumps attempted #WarWithIran. I heard they suffered head & brain 🧠 injuries.
at any rate, a judge should fn STEP IN -recuse of appointed by ff Nazi ass-clown- & DISQUALIFY THIS SOB from this 2020 race!
#TrumpIsUnfitToServe; & moreover, he’s a fn KKKRIMINAL ON THE LOOSE !!! We GOYLTTA #LockHimUP & #LockThemAllUP – the entire administration- & TOFALLY #DrainThsSwamp2020. We Reeeeally need that. BAD!!!!
& oh yes – how much does FF Nazi ass-clown owe #RussianOligarchs? They – the Trump#CrimeSyndicate, in particular #JaredKushner, the ‘president’s’ son-in-law, lied 🤥 to Congress about meetings with #RussianOligarchs.
Hey 👋 TrevorNoah! Let’s do a #TiktokMinimovie 🍿 about #RussianOligarchs! Ya Lublu russki-yazik!
But I digress-
So where’s the part of this 4-year-excruciatingly-long #sh+ttyrealityshow that ff Nazi-dump has forced upon us all, like his GD chronic pu$$y-grabbing?
Where are these ‘people’s *instant* removal & being held to account IN A COURT OF LAW for such felonious behavior?

At minimum, none of these ‘people’ should GET TO VOTE 2020, due to their felon status! 😂 Heehee!
And by the way, FF, how much do you owe the Russian oligarchs- & isn’t it time to ‘come clean’ -pun intended- about that & these mythical, legendary pee tapes! Lol! That’s pretty embarrassing for you! But Sh+t man, you shouldn’t have let the Russiana 🇷🇺 get so much #DIRTonYOUtRump!! 😝 😂
On top of the payoffs to porn’stars’. holeee Sh+t! How sordid can you get, man ! That’s a rhetorical question, freak!!!
Kenneth Starr’s turning #presidentClinton into pornstar got nothin’ on YOU, Dump!

NOPE 👎! Haha 🤣!!!

Get off yer fat tennis arse & #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, #Trump! 🙂 U can #DrainTheSwamp2020 if all of u GO TO JAIL RIGHT NOW! Sounds great 👍 to me & the #Supermajority of this country! That’s right, get the freak Outta OUR @WhiteHouse! Yer done ✅ like dinner 🥘FF!

#espionage #trump4treason #TerroristTrump