Will Nazi arseface 🤡 be FORCIBLY REMOVED Jan. 20, 2021? 😃 👍 🍿

The short & simple answer is, unfortunately: probably not! Why? Because there are literally millions of Americans 🇺🇸 who would LOVE ❤️ to see this assface Nazi 🤡 dragged, kicking and screaming and sharting himself, across the White House lawn. Maybe tased a bit, to light a fire 🔥 under his fat & flabby arse. My guess is he won’t give us that satisfaction. 😢 Probably, when he goes to #Maralago for #Christmas & #NewYear, he will just stay there, since he’s renovating residence area of maralago. By 1993 agreement, he’s not supposed to reside there & it can’t be a club at the same time. He could live nearby, though, or on a boat 🚣‍♀️ perhaps; he’s got over $620 million slush fund now from his supporters, to fight this ‘rigged election’, so basically that’s enough money 💰 to do whatever the F arseface WANTS to do. It’s probably gonna be #Florida, because #Melania is looking into schools for #Barron in #Florida – #PalmBeach doesn’t want him, though! I wonder, why doesn’t he go hang out and finish setting up #TrumpTowerMoscow? At the same time, he will be dodging getting slapped with 67 + indictments by the #NYC DA’s offices, for any and all types of #fraud. So likely he will leave under cover of the night, to avoid being served. I asked #NYAG #TishJames to put in a #treason and #terrorism charge in there, for me ! That’d be a wonderful, belated birthday 🎉 present 🎁! ❤️ 👍 🇺🇸-TRISTA4CHANGE.COM #breaking #oped #opinion #progressive #commentary #JailNOW!! #LockThemAllUp!! 🇺🇸 @nytimes @latimes @azcentral @tucsonstar @kvoa @kgun9 @koldnews @kjzz

Trista diGenova-CHANG is an honors graduate of Berkeley, Oxford & Taipei Medical University, & has worked and written for newspapers, radio, online & television, as well as authored several books.

$600 stimulus check, Congress? GFY! #HOMELESSNESS; & Student debt 💸 coulda been TOTALLY WIPED OUT – all our student debt- if Congress hadn’t given trillions to corporate socialist bailouts & bloated #defensebudgets! TIME TO STRIKE 🪧!!! Everybody CALL 📞 FOR A NATIONAL STRIKE! Defund the UNgovernment, defund the White House & throw all these criminals in jail! https://anchor.fm/trista-di-genova-chang-pima-sheriff-candidate/episodes/SHUT-UP–STRIKE—ITS-TIME-WE-SHUT-DOWN-THIS-WHOLE–CRIMINAL-GOVERNMENT-eo4akk