With 🍊 🤡 in office, we’ll be lucky 🍀 to get out of 2020 alive!

By refusing to concede – like a big baby 👶 having a temper tantrum – orange Nazi is trying to actually break the system. That’s all he knows how to do – try to tear down things – scalp em, sell em for scrap – like casinos 🎰! Who the heck could actually bankrupt a casino?? Ever heard of anybody bankrupt a casino? No? Me either- Usually it’s the other way around! But Fonald rump did!! Ronald Dump found a way. It’s in his character. His niece, maryltrump the psychiatrist 👩‍⚕️ says he is classic narcissist- fulfills all the diagnostic criteria – for that and he’s a sociopath like his father, who was arrested 1927 for rioting against police with 1000 other kuklux klansmen (KKK); moreover she says he’s ‘antisocial’, which to me – formerly Psychology tutor at Oxford university- is background of a terrorist or dangerous anarchist. 45’s must be about the same exact psychological makeup as Jonestown cult leader, Jim Jones. Guess they don’t call him #PresidentJimJones for nothin’! Btw, 45 made Freudian slip when he said Mary called him ‘psychopath’- ! With this dangerous criminal in the White House, we’ll all be very lucky 🍀indeed to make it out of 2020 alive! 

here’s some music 🎶 to soothe America 🇺🇸 
🎤 SOME SONGS🎵TO #SOOTHEAMERICA, HEAL THE WORLD 🌎 2NITE / LIVE FROM DREXEL HEIGHTS, DH LIVE!!! 🎸 ❤️ 🔥 by #STICKITTOTHEMAN w/#Trista4Sheriff -A Trumpvirus-free #ComfortZone (Season2!) • A podcast on Anchor

Tippy Canoe 🛶 & Trumpy The Clown 🤡, too!!