Hi, I’m Trista! – progressive candidate and advocate for progressive change in our community. PLEASE SIGN MY NOMINATING PETITION TO RUN FOR GOVERNOR OF ARIZONA! Deadline April 4th! Pls follow & share!

I’m a social justice warrior! 🙂 That means that I’m in this to fight for all of our civil rights and best interests!

I am fighting to protect our FREEDOMS and CIVIL RIGHTS in our beautiful though besieged kkkuntry, the good ole U.S. of A.

Of course, first and foremost I stand for the best interests of my fellow Americans, Americans FIRST, of course – UNLIKE MR TRUMP, WHO WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR JANUARY 6TH #INSURRECTION! I will not rest until Trump ends almost 200 Republicans are charged with insurrection, and removed from office. I stand for we the people and not for any corporate interests

When you elect me, I am incorruptible! I don’t need any money, I have my own.

I stand for WeThePeople, and NOT 🚫 for any corporate interests; as well as the best interests of the international community, because we are a member of a global community! Although the powers that be try to isolate us, and brainwashed us with their right-wing propaganda! By the way, I propose americab break up the corporate media Monopoly, where five corporations own all of our media!!

When I’m in power, I’m going to show the way that we can all live peacefully, together, and being a responsible steward for our beautiful environment, and relationship with mother nature. #colonizergetfucked 😆

I spent half my life living, working and studying abroad: UK, France, Sweden, Taiwan, so I have seen many advanced countries’ systems, and met public servants around the world who are truly doing a fantastic job. In fact, we can and will learn from the mistakes of others – that is the definition of WISDOM; and there is no reason why we cannot create novel, innovative solutions to every single problem that exists – right here in America!

As an honors graduate of Oxford University, UC Berkeley, and Taipei Medical University, I have a solution for every problem, literally! And I’m totally cool with sharing all the credits, for what will become a #ReturntoCamelot! 🙂

Policy-wise, we will pick up where JFK and FDR left off. That means we will see a new transparency in government that we’ve never seen before; a codification of civil rights legislation; and a return to peacetime activities and pacific national priorities. For example, there’s absolutely no reason why we cannot eradicate homelessness, across America!

There are plenty of resources, just not the right public officials in power making these decisions, which is why you need to elect me #Trista4Governor this year! And vote for progressives in every race! And consider running for office yourselves, so we can take back our government! Btw, If you haven’t already, please sign my petition to get on the ballot: https://go.azsos.gov/sf6j

I was a teacher and journalist for decades, and worked for the US State Department under President Clinton, aiming to become a diplomat – Foreign Service Officer.

Then the presidential ‘selection’ of 2000 took place, and like many of you, became very disillusioned and disgusted at the sheer amount of blatant corruption in our government ‘leaders’! Then I realized there is no such thing as ‘us and ‘them,’ there’s only US!

So I am putting the ‘us’ back in USA! 🙂

In TristaLand, there’s somethin’ for Everybody! I’m running a truly populist campaign, in that there is plenty of everything for all of us – if we share, that is! in this – the richest nation on Earth!

When I win this year for GOVERNOR of #Arizona (sign 🛑 here to get me on the ballot – the Most Progressive Candidate in America!🔥https://go.azsos.gov/sf6j ); or as your US Senator for Arizona; or #POTUS2024 – or when I win All my races! – I’m gonna be the best representative any of you has never had! 🙂

I started this website to connect with America without the constant interference of censors on other websites; and trump trolls paid for w/our tax dollars to shut us down and shut us all up! The powers that be DEFINITELY don’t want any STRONG, principled, outspoken women like myself to take the mic and speak for us all! Too upsetting to the greedy corporatist pigs and bigots! I vow: ZERO TOLERANCE FOR GOP TRAITORS AND TERRORIST BIGOTS!And #Justice4Jan6! Every day we don’t #LockTrumpUp, the more emboldened these nefarious fake-triots are! PS: FBI – tRump’s FBI! – determined the NUMBER ONE SECURITY THREAT HERE IN USA : WHITE SUPREMACISTS! And that should be our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY as a nation! #LockThemAllUP & yes, #DrainTheSwamp! A golf Twitler was right about that, at least!! Btw, I’m being geo-fenced and censored by #Kevin@DHS- among others, no doubt! So word of mouth is critical for OUR Success! So please SHARE!!! And follow me across social media: @Trista4Congress on Instagram and YouTube & #Tiktok- where I sometimes go live! So sign up for notifications of that- thanks & jah bless! ❤️

After my Twitter &aFacebook accounts were unfairly suspended for getting out the vote for #PresidentSanders – twice! – I needed a more reliable way to keep in touch with my friends, family and international social and creative network that I’ve built up whilst traveling the world for the past 20+ years.

I needed this site to develop without interference several things: my platforms for senate, Governor and presidential campaigns; as well as a new, updated online ‘portfolio’ of my various, illustrious ‘10,000 projects’. More about me- I am well-exhibited international artist, award-winning author, poet, writer, public lager and musician. My artwork in particular has been banned throughout my life for being ‘too political’- from honors program as a child in Tucson, to graduate school at Oxford University in England. So this site is a place, an imaginative space where I can safely tinker, work on, develop — without anyone else’s input or distractions – my political platforms, innovative ideas and strategies to improve this weird world; and showcase my artwork, all uncensored.

For example, I needed a place to store all my blistering, brilliant ‘incendiary tweets’ and posts on Instagram (@trista4Congress) calling out corrupt public officials, for example #DougDucey, #GregAbbott, #tRump and the entire, CORRUPTAF #GOPTraitors. This kkkriminal administration has an annoying habit of besetting us all with their online army of trolls, which they no doubt fund with OUR taxpayer dollars, to intimidate and harass and censor and shutdown the public debate as much as possible. Of course, I’m not the only one; in fact we are ALL besieged by the negative after-effects of the #PATRIOTAct, which I call for its abolishment.

I’m an ardent student – and strive to be master – of the political pressure campaign. I feel one of the only safe political strategies is to expose, and therefore SHAME a lot of these horrible Scheissters out of office. Like Dulce Sloan of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah said about exes you wanna get rid of – make it so he wants to leave! #lol As an #Improv #standupcomic, I feel strongly that HUMOR will save the day!! And RIDICULE from a place of comedy will flush these turds out of OUR government- if we do it right! If you haven’t gathered by now, I am The Most Progressive Candidate In The Country! We must #UniteTheLeft, and vote out corporate democrats like #KyrstenSinema and replace them with TRUE #progressives like me. I STRONGLY URGE OTHER PROGRESSIVES – especially young people, women and #POC —BEG of you: RUN FOR OFFICE! That is probably the best way to take back our country.

If you don’t already know all about me, you can read me bio here, or on LinkedIn. It’s huge. I’ve been told my resume ‘is a good read’, so enjoy that! 🙂

I plan to ‘store’ & catalogue my art from past exhibitions and chronicle upcoming political cartoons here as well. Who knows, maybe someday the New Yorker will finally get it together and publish my stuff! Ha They’ve turned down some of my greatest poetry – like ‘once i’m there’. But poetry is fairly impossible to publish these days, anyway, like my ‘bud,’ Prof. Chomsky — “Uncle Namsky’ told me.

However, my poetry has found a home in my musica; which I will also publish here, because, as me Bandmatey Will says, “Music is free”! Music, like information wants to be free. And music has an uncanny ability to HEAL ! As such, I am an avid fan and supporter of roots dub reggae music, in particular @KingShilohSoundSystem. Check it out! They will play at my inauguration/s 🙂

SO WELCOME! If you enjoy this archive of my artistic contributions to date, to the literary, poetic and noetic arts, please feel free to sign my guestbook and leave me your blessings/endorsements! Btw, I don’t believe in CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTION$, because that is a form of institutionalized bribery. However, I will collect them and donate it ALL to @ACLU, until we can outlaw monetary contributions to political campaigns. If you want to read more about my progressive campaigns for change, read my platforms.

Q: Hey Trista, who are some of your favorite literary influences?

A. Thanks for asking! You know, when I was a kid, one of my 1st jobs was a library clerk while I was staying with my grandparents 6 mos, in Monroe, CT. I was really struck by James Thurber, the humourist and cartoonist for the New Yorker. George Carlin. I could do something like that. I enjoy reading back over my comedy writings, most of all. Thanks to an old Everett High School AP English teacher, Mr. Bryant Merrick, Thanks to his scholarship, I really was inspired to read all the classics. I went about it systematically, through the entire list of works in Cliffs Notes. He recommended Jane Eyre to me; he chose wisely. I loved reading all the Bronte sisters; I’ve actually visited their parsonage in England. I also loved studying the works of Shakespeare, the language. Also – The Hunger, Knut Hamsen – I identified with the hungry writer, the seeker. Henrik Ibsen – Hedda Gabler, a Norwegian tragedy about the epic soul of women, being trapped in & stifled by social conventions. The Americans in Paris, especially F. Scott Fitzgerald; some Hemingway – though he was a bit over-rated. Dali’s writings are hilarious, I love him. Herman Hesse, Siddartha & Steppenwolf. These are the best writers, I think. I would put them all on a required reading list for young people in America. Catcher in the Rye, haunting. Death of a Salesman teaches us money ain’t everything, & competition can kill you, literally.

FUN FACT: Someone else pointed this out to me: I, TRISTA diGenova-CHANG INVENTED THE BLOG! It was in about 1996-7 – I was dating a webmaster who taught me the tricks of the HTML trade. I published an On The Road-like travelogue, before ever reading that, other ‘Beat’ classic. It was a woman’s travel & psychological journey across America: The Amazin’ Amazon, my 1st book! In fact, there’s a copy in the Library of Congress! 🙂

BTW, if yer a member of the Press lookin’ for more AWESOME NEWSTIPS –> head to my Newsbriefs area! I plan to send out at LEAST one newsbrief (press statement, basically) every day. Often they are based on my pressure campaigns of many stripes.

Currently, I’m waging several legal battles at once, which I chronicle in my podcast, ‘STICK IT TO THE MAN w/Trista SHOW’, on Apple/Spotify/Anchor! Check it out, man! It is comedy & thought-provoking political commentary, all rolled into one! Shoutout to Mike Moore (mmflint) for the Rumble podcast inspiration! Much love & respect, brother!

WRITE ME IN FOR SHERIFF – TRISTA CHANG – Nov. 3rd! & WRITE ME IN FOR PIMA COUNTY RECORDER, WHILE YER AT IT! Heehee! Wouldn’t THAT be FUN to see how pissed off those arseholes would be / to lose — both of them — to a hyper-progressive, super-cool WOMAN Sheriff Candidate, like me — Trista CHANG! lol! They woulda spent all that money on their campaigns, for nothin’! Cuz NOTHIN’ is what they SHOULD get!

Most of our ‘elected leaders’ are, unfortunately, WHOLLY UNFIT TO SERVE THE PUBLIC, imho! I or most Americans out there – even random ones – would be a great substitution for literally ANY GOP members of congress or the executive out there!

So – If you’d like to hang out sometime w/me whilst I shovel horsesh+t on my idyllic eco-ranch, go to my podcast, STICK IT TO THE MAN w/Trista SHOW! If it is lively discussion & animated & thought-provokin’, scintillatin’ convo/discourse you seek, I’m yer woman! Always happy to please, and oblige for my friends, at least! /

And we’re all AMERICANS, don’t you forget it!

PS: Why the HELL should we believe in ‘Party’? Cuz they shore as heck don’t believe in me!

And I accept NO PAC $, or $ at all, from ANYBODY! /Because that is just institutionalized bribery! / Don’t you agree? 🙂 /Politics should be about IDEAS, not Money!

Finally, all good people: PLEASE RUN YERSELVES! That is the ONLY way we can surely take back our own kkkuntry! Peace & Keep the Faith, Amerikkka! #25thAmendmentNow!

And if you don’t know, now ya know: Elect me Sheriff Aug4 – TRISTA CHANG! – & We shall get the MOST ENJOYABLE TASK: #LockThemAllUP! 🙂


What I’m doin’ here – SHOVELIN’ HORSESH+T – I intend to do for OUR local law enforcement/WRITE ME IN – TRISTA CHANG, or just TRISTA is ok! -for Sheriff, PimaCountySheriff, Aug.4!

The analogy of SHOVELIN’ SH+T symbolizes all the crap I’ll be cuttin’ through! That’s right, I’ll be pushin’ ’round which makes me, I believe, THE MOST PROGRESSIVE SHERIFF CANDIDATE in the Country!
ENORMOUS, steamin’ piles of BS – red
OVERNIGHT, I will #endpolicebrutality & cut through tape, incompetence, corruption, croneyism, & stand up for ALL OUR RIGHTS in this broken & racist ‘criminal injustice’ system.

I’ll gladly Abolish ICE & set free #kidsincages! I’m pro-#BLM & will #defundthepolice – reallocate OUR taxpayer $ toward behavioral & mental health services – ALL w/ fun-lovin’ dedicated & cheerful (& of course BRILLIANT!) professionalism!

Read more about how I plan to clean up the Pima County Sheriffs Department in Campaign Platforms or, if yer too Lazy to read all that, you can listen to my state-of-the-art, cutting-edge podcast: STICK IT TO THE MAN w/Trista SHOW! SO GOOD IT’S SUPPRESSED!

PS: Give ya a hint: THERE WILL BE NO MORE #POLICEBRUTALITY under a CHANG ADMIN! I support #BLMTucson & the #Samaritans, as well! & guess what, once the deputies under my command get over their sexist ‘tudes, they’re gonna LOVE ME, cuz I’m gonna make THEIR job safer, more enjoyable & prestigious & better-paid, too!



Trista has served as a leader in education, diplomacy & public advocacy, that have altered the course of the country – in a good way, not like a malevolent Trump way!


Trista’s experience as writer/educator & public interest advocate puts her in a unique position to lead the country back to f’n normalcy.


Trista CHANG has the courage & BALLS to fight Tooth & Nail for the health, safety & welfare of our community & country, bringing the best of what we have to offer together in one AWESOME CHICK!

I run not for fame, but for the people of my community – my home.

– Trista Trampoch Di Genova Chang

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