In Remembrance of Virtue Street, Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan

Artwork, Cartoons & Comics

A Rousseau-inspired vision by Trista di Genova; in the Humanities meeting room at Taipei Medical University, Taiwan
Artwork by Trista di Genova, at Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

Artists Statement: I come from a family of artists, have visited all the major art galleries and museums in Western & Eastern Europe, & have systematically studied the lives of most of the greatest artists. Art, like music 🎶 is a type of therapy; but it can also have a powerful message that cannot be ignored. My artwork has been censored by teachers since I was 8; & they censored my art at Oxford University, too- for being ‘too political’. My artwork usually comes to me in a vision that I must bring into fruition. It often explores a concept that appeals to me for some reason, say that it hasn’t been explored before. For instance, I painted my peripheral vision in Berkeley. Currently, I’m exploring panoramas & relationship to the passage of time. I also study the portrayal, history & symbolism surrounding gods, goddesses, myths. Often my work is a combination of acrylic, oil, watercolor or spray paint; using mixed media, & objets trouves; ‘East Meets Mae West’ incorporated ‘joss’ or ‘ghost money’ ritually burned in Taiwan 🇹🇼 to appease the spirits of the ancestors. My work has been described by other artists & connoisseurs as ‘expressive‘, ‘conceptual’; reminiscent of Van Gogh; ‘a feminine Picasso’. Most often it is compared to Picasso. I enjoy dabbling in Impressionism – especially pointillism; mosaics, surrealism; I’m currently exploring a genre I call ‘#UNREALISM’ – scenes here in the #Sonorandesert that are natural, but seem bizarre & outlandish. I also do a lot of work these days on political cartoons to accompany my podcast, #STICKITTOTHEMAN, w/#Trista4SheriffAZGov&Prez. In future, I want to hold a retrospective in a Chinese gallery, maybe #Shanghai or #Beijing, or both. I’d also like to see my work published more in newspapers & magazines, like #TheNewYorker, @washingtonpost & @nytimes. Finally, I’d love to see my work in a museum/s someday; maybe I’ll start my own gallery. I’ve always wanted to take the Trans-Siberian Railway, like #PaulTheroux did, & sketch the scenes in my sketchbook; accompanied with poetry. My Chinese name ‘shi-hua’ means poetry-painting, which in Classical Chinese painting is the definition of beauty. I enjoy painting with other artists, btw, so hmu if yer in town & wanna do landscapes together!

List of Trista’s Exhibitions:

Paris, France, Ma Chambre de Bonne, Neuilly-sur-Seine

Oxford University, England; St Edmund Hall ARTWEEK

Adams Morgan Art Show, Washington, DC

Julia Morgan Theater, Berkeley, CA – scenes from ‘Don Giovanni’, ‘The Nutcracker’ & ‘Rent’

Stockholm University, Sweden – ‘Pink Irene in Gamla Stan’ & ‘Woman without an Identity’

In Remembrance of Virtue Street (solo), Le Rouge, Taipei City

Contemplating Lilies (Solo) – Citizen Cain, Taipei


The Wild East Exhibition at Beat Studio, Taipei – I exhibited and curated a 25-artist exhibition that got rave reviews in the Post

Sexy Cityscapes, with Megan Angele, DV8 pub, Taipei


’Justice for Breonna’- a tribute to the life of a young woman -like me, a new graduate in the medical field. She was the victim of police execution, having died in a hail of 32 bullets, in the middle of the night, with cops carrying out the brutal practice of what’s called a no-knock warrant. I have donated this image to the BLM ✊🏾 nationwide, to use as they see fit.
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