In Defense of AOC!

@RepAOC is a brilliant 👍 young woman 👠♀️!! She is an inspiration to all women. I just don’t get how right-wing nuts have it out for her! Remember when Mitch McConnell and his interns were pictured assaulting a cutouts of AOC? Nobody even talked about censuring him! If I were AOC I would press charges against these rabid right-wingers!! There is no way they should be allowed to stay in office, after basically assaulting her, AND inciting violence against her among their staff and in the public! Hey what do you guys think about designating the #GOP as a terrorist organization, how about that? 🙂 ps, I’m running for governor of Arizona this year, if any of you are Arizona voters, could you please sign my petition to get on the ballot? Deadline is April 4 th. Here is the link I am Berkeley, Oxford, TMU honors graduate; former media worker and educator; running on a platform of #unity, #SANITY and #PROGRESSCANTWAIT! And would wager I am by far the most progressive candidate in the United States! 🙂 PS my campaign is looking to hire a campaign manager, coordinators (esp at ASU / UofA) and paid/unpaid internships – – if interested send resume to