Love-letters to Amerikkka

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WE NEED A CHECKMATE STRATEGY- STICK IT 2Da Man (Season 2) w/TristaChang : The 2020 #presidential elections are #rigged so badly, we need to delete & reinstall! Hold elections by phone or computer. According to the line of succession, it goes, Trump, Pence & then Pelosi. So we need a checkmate strategy that keeps the eye on the Prize whilst trying to remove Barr, as my guest Meg says. She says there’s a Third World 🌎 War going on right now, since 2014, she estimates; & if trump is still in office in January, WE LOST. Here’s my new website: hahaha 😂 just joking, my website is

MARY TRUMP – I READ HER NEW BOOK & COMMENT: TOO MUCH & NEVER ENOUGH’ : This book explains a lot – howFred Trump, a cruel sociopath raised his son to be a ‘killer’. Mary, a psychotherapist says in the prologue trump is a narcissist & sociopath like his father, & also has dependency disorder. The story is more important than the truth to Donald, she says, which is sacrificed to the lie that makes the story better. He is utterly incapable, she assures us, of leading us out of this catastrophe.

Can assface be tried for treason? I’ve been wondering this very question & researching it. The answer would seem to be OF COURSE – he is an American. He definitely SHOULD be tried & convicted for treason, AND terrorism charges, imho. Inciting armed rebellion against governors & state legislatures by tweet is still, clearly TREASON. Sedition=Treason, no matter who does it. Probably a party of ‘standing’ – say the governors who were victim to his treasonous activities- could & SHOULD file charges. I certainly would! At very least it would slow down this madman. And since he rolled out death penalty, let’s use it on him!

10 WAYS WE GOTTA FIX OUR ELECTIONS, QUICK -OR WE’RE TOTALLY SCREWED- Trista4SheriffAug4 : I shovel horsesh+t whilst laying out how we MIST fix our rigged elections, or else we’re all TOTALLY SCREWED. 1. ABOLISH ELECTORAL COLLEGE that gave us Bush instead of Gore or Kerry; and Trump instead of crooked Hillary. 2. RE-INSTATE EVERYBODYS VOTING RIGHTS-1PERSON, 1 VOTE 3. OVERTURN CITIZENS UNITED 4. RE-DISTRICT ENTIRE USA 🇺🇸 5. NO MAIL VOTING! Assface is right, it IS corrupt now that he bankrupted USPS & replaced postmaster with his very own ass-kisser, who can destroy ballots, or delay etc so WE GOTTA VOTE BY PHONE ☎️ or ONLINE! It’s the only free, fair & safe way to vote during pandemic. Taiwan 🇹🇼 does it, let’s learn from their successful example. We’ll save about a bazillion dollars 💵 & TREES 🌲 and MONEY 💰 💴 if we go for the most part, paperless – online or by phone- it’s as secure as all our other secure bank transactions etc! Let’s do it like we do all our other secure transactionsonline or over the phone. And almost every single person in this country has a phone and/or computer. The two percent who don’t can maybe use library computer! 6. BAN CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS – just institutionalized form of bribery 7. MAKE POLITICS ABOUT IDEAS 💡, NOT $ – free, public debates on the issues. Poll Americans after the debates! 8. Have a national debate: Should we make voting mandatory? As uncle #RalphNader pointed out, it’s VERY difficult to come up with reasons NOT to make voting mandatory! They do it in countries like Australia- there’s even a fine if you don’t vote! So over 90% of their population votes in any given election, compared to our paltry less than 40%! 9. MAKE ELECTION DAY A NATIONAL HOLIDAY! They can drop off their votes. If it weren’t raging #Trump iris right now, I’d say turn Election Day into a party! It USED to be like that in America! People would get drunk & go vote, historians say! I’m even down for giving everybody 50$ when they vote! An incentive, not a fine! Then 2 % who didn’t vote will feel totally left out, & vote next time! 10. HAVE RANK CHOICE VOTING, so third-party candidates can have a say & not be so shut out by this two-party hegemony. As it is, 60% of Americans don’t want to vote for EITHER major-party candidate, as they’re both PEDOPHILES- yep, I said it! That’s what’s going on- most of us are victims in some way of sex abuse, and that is probably why 60% of Americans don’t vote! But this system only promotes the most corrupt candidates. Let’s take power away from these Wall Street Party elites who want to -literally- ram down our throats a choice between two unrepentant pedophiles. If we pressure both major parties to adopt rank choice voting THIS YEAR, we could all vote in #PresidentSanders, anyway! He’ll, we deserve only the best! 11. Have RON’ system like in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿. If we don’t like any of the candidates, the are-Open Nomination option is helpful! I, TRISTA am Berkeley grad in political science (2 time recipient of alumani scholar award) & also hold masters from Oxford University, where I write my theses on PTSD/Trauma counseling of afghan refugee girls & women; intellectual biography of suffragette Alice Paul; & Laura Mulvey’s Gaze Theory (film theory). I also hold masters in medical anthropology from Taipei Medical University- won outstanding international graduate research award to present at ASU my research on indigenous use of plants and public health policy. Commended by Taiwan 🇹🇼 ministry of the interior for my innovative field guide to Atayal & saisiyat tribe ethnobotany. Student Body President, SDCC. Current write-in sheriff candidate. Follow me Trista4Sheriff on Instagram Twitter Youtube & Tiktok. My website : TRISTA4CHANGE.COM . Remember: THERE IS NO US & THEM, JUST US!


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