My #Ranchtales series of podcasts #ONTHECAMPAIGNTRAIL – are intended to be a type of literary, humoristic, adventure series that double —Or also serve – –as listening exercises. My podcast is the Reverse Truman Show! Until we overturn the #PatriotAct When I am #potus2024, Everyone in America is being surveilled; and all – – I repeat ALL of our rights to privacy are a myth, a ruse. We need to take measures to reinstate #FreeSpeech In this country. I also favor lifting any restrictions on our right to assembly. That includes protests at the capital., Where it’s now, And has been for a couple decades at least, Illegal to gather in groups of more than two or three!’ There are a lot of things wrong with this country, but fortunately I have solutions to every problem that we have! This series documents the discovery of all of these problems in America, and how I am proposing solutions, and had the courage and Moxie to even run for office – – the highest office in the land – – to make sure that these policies are carried out. I see myself as a grand administrator, and fortunately for all, I’m a highly educated, well-traveled outsider. Uncorruptable, And that’s what we need in our elected officials from now on! Please only vote for #ProgressivesLikeMe, Consider running for office yourselves, And please sign my petition to run for governor of Arizona this year httPS:// Deadline April 4, 2022.I started this podcast series a couple years ago, As a kind a time capsule for myself; but also as a slice of life kind of vignette, That shows what life is like – – and what political campaigning is like in the Time of Covid – – or #TrumpVirus, As I like to call it! Lol #joke @Comedycentral Lastly, this is kind of a training series intended for other progressive #PoliticalCandidates And to pass on some of the knowledge and strategies that I’ve collected over the years, having run for DC city Council, Pima County Sheriff & now Governor of Arizona. Please sign my petition at https://go.azsos./sf6j You will be so proud of yourself, having been part of the #ReturnToCamelot! 🙂 @netflix @discoverychannel @historychannel #Trista4POTUS2024 TRISTA4CHANGE.COM