Hey douchey, step down! We know that you stole 100 million dollars from us Arizona’s taxpayers, to give to your cronies in Texas as corporate tax refunds!! You and your staff will be held responsible for this when I am governor! You also be held responsible for threatening schools to slash their funding if children wear masks to protect themselves! What the hell is wrong with you! Actually, we know what is wrong with you! You are heavily invested in #regeneron!! Which means you directly prophet from our death and misery here in Arizona, as do your colleagues, death sentence in Florida and Abbott in Texas!As Arizona governor and #potus2024, you and other terroristic governors like Abbott and #deathsentence will be held responsible for this, which is a form of bioterrorism!! Cease and desist with your criminal activities, step down, and face prosecution of criminal charges! You will never ever hold office again 🙂 :-)