Our UN-government LOVES 💕 TO SMELL 👃 OUR FARTS AT EVERY POSSIBLE MOMENT!! #DefundTheMilitary & Lets Start 🛫 From Scratch!

Americans don’t do anything about it, but we are all being over-surveilled, & it’s been going on for a long time, decades, if not nearly a century now. Thanks to the so-called #PATRIOTAct, the government- OUR government knows about every fart 💨 we make, & routinely investigates our bunghole; charging us all up the butt to rape us all of our freedoms. The mass repression is so bad in this stupid fascistic country that nobody will ever hear this podcast. Congress – who’s all in on this act – will just keep passing bloated ‘defense’ budgets to line the pockets of the #militaryindustrialcomplex, to the expense of the rest of the country. Call ☎️ yer reps & pressure them to LOCK 🔒 UP THE 150 or so #GOPTraitors & REMOVE THEM ALL FROM OFFICE NOW! 202-224-3121 – IMMEDIATE PASSAGE OF #RepCoriBush’s #HR25 is the only way we can truly #DrainTheSwamp #pov