I got wigs! Now nobody will notice when I replace Sen. Kyrsten Sinema 😆


#SenatorSinema fans just LOVE💗 how she wears wigs! They just think that’s the coolest thing, they don’t pay any attention to how she gave thumbs down 👎 on a #livingwage; & didn’t even show up to vote to vote for creation of #jan6commission; and, despite knowing the filibuster is racist relic to thwart #civilrights legislation; #abolishtheFilibuster. So Sinema is basically voting with the #Repubicans & against her own party, the #Democrats. When #KyrstenSinema votes against #AZVoters, she’s voting against all Americans, and voting FOR #BigPharma & insurance companies (Corporations, let’s be real); and LET IT BE KNOWN that #SenatorSinema accepted $750,000 from these corporate entities, almost half her entire campaign budget! I have called for her to STEP DOWN 👎 after such a huge disappointment and BETRAYAL of voters’ best interest. We had such high hopes for her, too! I even voted for her; she had a progressive track record; but then she was corrupted by our sh+tty political system, I guess; although I read somewhere that in school she played the role of leader to the perverse. And#GovDucey should be forced to step down, I have called for his resignation, too – not only is he a major investor in #Regeneron (which explains why his policies seem to WANT us all to get sick with #covid ( #tRumpVirus) so HE – #DougDucey can profit off our death and suffering; but NOT ONLY THAT ‘doozey,’ but #Ducey was CAUGHT -incl. Staff- attempting to give $100 MILLION DOLLAR$ 💰 🤑 in corporate tax refunds (that’s OUR taxpayer dollars, mind u!!) to his ‘friends’ in #Texas, in exchange for supporting #GovernorDucey’s aspirations of running for #potus in #2024. Wow,suchFN #depravity in our government! They are open and blatantly honest about how many ducks they don’t give about our welfare. I have traveled the world, and many governments do a great job! Taiwan, Scandinavia, for example! Our US government has become full-blown #turdblossom. They truly have it out for us, and I am not exaggerating. Corruption in this country has turned us into Nigeria of the 1970s- a brutal dictatorial, military police state and regime. It is awful!! Why the fuuuuuuck do Americans put up with such sh+tbirds running – RUINING the government?? It doesn’t have to be like this at all? I think there is a #CrisisOfVision in Amerikkka. Like a victim of domestic violence, we seem stuck in this vicious cycle. And NO ONE – A BIG NOBODY !!! – is looking out for OUR interests. The corporate elite have truly grabbed us all by the pu$$y. Why the fuuuuuuuuuuck is #Douchey not in prison for such a crime ? I know if I had done that, FOR SURE I would be thrown in FN prison for a long while. Why do these white collar and political criminals never have to pay the piper? I think I know -b/c they appoint all the judges, up to the #SupremeCourt; they – ALL OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS- are literally PAID TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY. Change the subject; deflect blame and national attention, to whatever, FN #bigbird; or #judgeschroeder”s ringtone of a #tRumpRally. Sigh. Y’all are traumatized, I know. Everyone is. Traumatized by our government, which really SUCKS A$$- our government sucks – literally #CorporateA$$. Y’all toleratee it but don’t!! An I won’t. Never will. When I am your #Senator #governor and #prez, I will NEVER LIE TO YOU (unlike tRump who lied to u over 30,000 times according to POLITICO – and 74 million morons still voted for him!!!! What the fuuuuck is wrong w/Americans that they will put up w/such duplicity? Guess they were BULLIED INTO IT/BY THE BULLY PULPIT) & will always tell u the god-honest truth to the best of my ability. I am a better Christian than all these alcoholic Catholics 😆