Louisville, WRITE ME IN FOR SHERIFF! :) ❤️ ✊🏾

Louisville write me in for sheriff ! ❤️ ✊🏾 
Why don’t investigators look 👀 into the FACT there is some real estate scheme going on behind this FN EXECUTION of #BreonnaTaylor? 

Here are a few clues: part of this case involves a real estate development corporation which seems to be behind efforts to REMOVE black people from their neighborhoods so this corporation can then buy up the property. 
I also heard that the boyfriend of #BreonnaTaylor was offered ONE DOLLAR for the house. Is this true?? Pls let us know!! 
AND – @attorneycrump @bencrumplaw – PLEASE hold @louisvillepd fn accountable for LYING 🤥 in their reports, and LYING to the victims & family. 

I made this tribute to #BreonnaTaylor, and welcome 🙏 ANY #BLM in the country – USE IT !! ❤️ ✊🏾

And EVERYBODY CALL FOR @DanielCameronAG to be REMOVED! He is a DISGUSTING EXCUSE for an AG, for not even raising murder charges against these ASSASSINS; for that is what they are – 32 bullets fired is NOT ‘overlookable’ – PLUS, he @danielcameronAG should be FORCED TO #RESIGNNOW for HIDING the fact from the public he tried to coverup his BETRAYAL OF #Louisville by sealing grand jury docs – 

and BRING NO-KNOCK Warrants to the @scotus! That is unconstitutional- unreasonable search & seizure! 

Here’s the audio in my podcast, #STICKITTOTHEMAN!