Why do some whites have such a hate on for blacks? 🤷‍♀️

I think 🤔 I figured out why some #racists seem to at least – ‘hate’ black people so much. I think 🤔 it’s tied to #SexualJealousy & #sexualcompetition for the ladies 💃- but If this is interesting enough, tell why YOU think some people have such a hate on for black people? Fear of ‘The Orher’ ; fear of the Unknown’; social conditioning by generations of fn kkk-lovin’ family members? probably a mix of all these reasons, I’d say. PLUS: important factor: they – black folks have been targeted & demonized & humanized; since we stole them & their families from Africa and tried to wipe out their family histories – to put it too mildly- they were deprived of life, liberty & happiness; as well as their #freedoms for hundreds of years now. If you don’t have any sympathy or empathy for all the AMERICANS getting fn slaughtered by police in amerikkka, then quite frankly, yer a fn monster 👹 & a big part of the problem! Even @Guardian says how international #humanrights lawyers are Cali g the level of #policebrutality in the US as ‘CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY – so gfy if u are an a$$hole & wanna designate the blm ✊🏾 or #ANTIFA as fn terrorist organization! YOU, my non-friend ARE THE FN TERRORIST! YOU, fn idiot are A BIG PART OF THE PROBLEM !! @aclu @nwpc @senschumer #hakeemjeffries #supermajority DEMAND 50% QUOTA OF WOMEN 💃 in OUR Congress!!! Aren’t u fn tired of these old white farts ruining the planet 🌍!!!! I sure as f am. #pov #comedy

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