160k dead Americans is no tragedy

A tragedy is something sudden, that nothing anybody could have done would have prevented. The coronavirus pandemic raging in America, killing 160,000 of my fellow Americans is entirely preventable. Therefore, 160,000 dead Americans is no tragedy; it is an OUTRAGE.

I think it’s OUTRAGEOUS that we, the plague-ridden public, besieged by a raging pandemic that this kkkriminal mal-administration has purposely STOKED, are being asked to support NYC families in need of the basics of FOOD?

What the hell is wrong with our Society that we don’t GET RID OF THESE F’n PARASITES in the White House & Congress? ? Everybody call Congress, RAG ‘EM OUT!!! Tell ’em #IMPEACHAGAIN!!! & this time #LOCKTHEMALLUP!!!! 202 224-3121. Also, tell them to DEMAND TRUMP RESIGN, NOW! If ALL the Democratic Representatives & Senators called out for his resignation, maybe that would do the trick!

But don’t rely on my brilliance alone, YOU GUYS come up with more ideas! We’ve GOT TO GET RID OF THEM ALL! THEY ARE KILLING US WITH MALEVOLENT INTENTIONS & criminal negligence.

What worked before? 10 MILLION people signed petitions for Congress to #IMPEACHTHEMAFIADON! So maybe that would work again, if we got 50 MILLION people to demand Congress #ImpeachAGAIN!


And NO, WE CANNOT WAIT TIL NOV! We will not get elections! He – FF nazi assclown, as I like to call him – said as much! He will cancel the elections if he wants to, if he feels like he’s obviously losing, he can call ANOTHER national emergency & try to stay in power as long as he wants to, or can. He’s setting it all up, by calling the elections ‘rigged’ now.

As we have already seen, Trump will stop at NOTHING, abso-fricken-lutely NOTHIN’, to stay in power. Read Mary Trump’s book Too little & Never Enough. He has been programmed by his sociopathic father, the klansman Fred Trump, to WIN AT ALL COSTS. He cannot allow himself to be ‘a loser,’ because his father would not allow that.

Therefore, TRUMP WILL NOT RESIGN. He will never give up his seat. He is drunk with the power that comes with holding this coveted position. As president, he is addicted to being kowtowed to, as the ‘Most Powerful Man On Earth’. He is addicted to being President, because when he is occupying that post, he knows he is occupying The Most Powerful Position on Earth. Therefore, we must keep in mind: He & his cabal are not only terrorizing US in Amerikkka, he is terrorizing the rest of the Planet. We must get rid of this cabal, for the rest of the world’s sake, too, as well as all of our survival.

I repeat: TRUMP WILL NOT GO QUIETLY. Even if a million Americans staged a sit-in in front of the White House, refusing to leave until he did, taking his lousy regime with him, he wouldn’t budge. I’d bet a bazillion bitcoin on that. Trump will not leave office without a huge fight; he is self-deluded that he alone deserves to hold this position of president. He’s learned from his tyrant friends like Putin how to stay in power for 17 more years, if not longer.

He’s also addicted to those ratings, remember? It should be obvious to all by now: He will not go without kicking & screaming. He will literally have to be dragged out of OUR White House bunker & dragged across the White House lawn, kicking & screaming. He may even have to be tased! Heehee! Wouldn’t that be a fitting, dramatic end to this pestilence? Excellent ratings, indeed; the likes of which haven’t been seen since OJ’s carchase down the LA freeway!

Keep this in mind: Trump will do everything – legal, illegal, criminal, heinous, whatever – to stay in power! Stop waiting for the Democraps to win an election that will most likely NOT TAKE PLACE, or actually be tallied correctly! I’d wager that elections will ostensibly take place – to ensure as many of us DEMOCRATS in particular get infected & DIE! How do I know this? They – Trump & Kushner et al stated as such! It’s out there for all to see. So there is NO EXCUSE TO PUT UP WITH THIS NONSENSE ANYMORE! ! GET RID OF THEM! LOCK THEM ALLLLLLL UP!!!!!!

Trump & criminal co-conspirator son-in-law Jared Kushner – see Vanity Fair report – want the ‘blue states’ to basically die off, because they think it will ‘help them in the election! How sick & twisted is that, right? WAKE THE F’ UP, AMERIKKKA & GET RID OF THE NAZIS!

Here’s the Plan: According to rules of succession, it goes Trump, Pence, then PELOSI! So we gotta GET RID OF BOTH TRUMP & PENCE AT ALL COSTS! Whatever it takes! I say, THROW THE BOOK AT ‘EM! Hear more about my ‘Hu Flung Dung’ Approach on my podcast, STICK IT TO THE MAN w/Trista4Sheriff SHOW.

Then, when at least Trump AND Pence are removed from office -by whatever means necessary – we will be SAFE. We’ll have the FIRST LADY PRESIDENT, too!! Won’t that be nice?

#PresidentPelosi will no doubt, like other women leaders – Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand, Tsai Ing-wen in Taiwan, for example – GET THIS COVID THANG UNDER CONTROL IN ABOUT 130 DAYS!!! That’s right, like Cuba did, just recently.

In fact, if you elected ME as yer president, I would invite Cuba, Taiwan & New Zealand experts to be a part of OUR containment team, & I WOULD GET RID OF IT & AMERIKKKA WOULD BE BACK TO NORMAL IN 130 DAYS!!! NO PROBLEM! If you wanna hear more ‘revolutionary’ (brilliant, actually) ideas & about my platforms for @pimasheriff, Arizona Governor 2022 & Progressive Party Presidential candidate, go to my website, www.trista4change.com

REMEMBER, DROP EVERYTHING YER DOIN’ AND CALL CONGRESS AND B=TCH ‘EM OUT!!!!! 202 224 3121 They – the stupid, complacent corporate Democraps are just sittin’ on their fatcat corporate arses, waiting for elections to roll around, but we CAN’T WAIT!!!

This administration will do NOTHIN’ to contain this virus, because it suits their evil purposes well, to PARALYZE US AS A NATION. Everyone is staying home if they can; or going to work & getting sick & dying. They tell us NOT to wear a mask! Isn’t that obvious to all but the stupidest Trump supporter that they are INTENTIONALLY letting this ‘fire’ blaze, uncontrolled? How about the fact that to this day, this f’n cabal is blocking funding for covid testing & contact tracing, key elements to any country’s coronavirus response?

They are blocking our national response, hobbling us all! Well, all of us but the point zero zero one-percenters, who are CASHIN’ IN on this epidemic, ‘bigly’, as FF would say! $13 BILLION DOLLARS in one day, that’s how much these CS at Amazon & Facebook are cashing in on this national disaster! Then they won’t even provide safe working conditions or hazard pay? FCUK THEM, man! They are part of the problem, these goddamned bazillionnaires!

Trump calls peacefully demonstrating Americans ‘anarchists’ & ‘terrorists’, but the fact is, he’s the ultimate anarchist & terrorist-in chief. Every American should understand the pop psychology term ‘projection’ by now! And like the good anarchists they are, stoking the flames of this pandemic throws a monkey wrench into the works, in every way possible. There have been MASSIVE layoffs, not only 40 MILLION AMERICANS UNEMPLOYED right now, which makes this WORSE than the Great Depression – & that’s a conservative estimate – and nobody’s talking about this, but there have also been MASSIVE LAYOFFS in the media!

Massive layoffs of media workers is very convenient for Mr. Trump & his cabal, because it silences most of his critics who would otherwise publish critical stuff about him every day. Now we can’t even get letters to the editor published – nobody’s working in the office anymore! I should know, because I write letters to the editor EVERY DAY, & send them to 100 news outlets – nada! Mr. Trump seems to have successfully short-circuited the ‘fake news’ he holds in contempt. So much for Freedom of the Press.

In fact, this kkkriminal mal-admin will NOT STOP the onslaught of the virus until ‘2.2 MILLION’ of us are dead!!! That’s what these nazi clowns said, man! I ain’t makin’ this sh+t up!