ACHTUNG ⚠️ We’re entering the DANGER ⛔️ ZONE with this POS 🗑 president

Only perhaps REN THE NINJA could save us from this garbage 🗑 nazi plaguing the planet 🌎!

EXPLICIT CONTENT- if u don’t like 👍 it, GFY: Republicans stole 3 million Florida votes- where’s the investigation & lawsuits? FF Nazi ass-thump is up to no good, as usual – starting a #SaveAmerica #’leadership’ ##LPAC- no doubt, to continue his incessant #moneylaundering. Of course, I reported him to the FBI, told em they should ‘keep an eye 👁’ on THAT sh+t. Assface Nazi-dump just fired 🔥 his 6th defense chief AND the head of the nuclear ☢️ security agency- basically taking control of OUR nuclear stockpiles. As the dangerous & unstable ‘man’ he is, I surmise he may actually try to take us all out with him- his niece, @MaryLTrump pretty much stated as such. That’s why we can’t let our guard 💂‍♀️ down! We should DEMAND – & KEEP DEMANDING – HIS IMMEDIATE #RESIGNATION and/or #REMOVAL~ BOTH! Since he ain’t goin’ without kicking 🦵 & screaming – we can’t just wait until Jan 20 for #SecretService to jettison his fat & lardy ass out of OUR #WhiteHouse. Since he’s directly responsible for the deaths 💀 of 300,000 🇺🇸 Americans; PLUS the disappearance of 25,000 immigrant kids and babies forced from their parents at the border as part of his #Hitlerian #ZeroTolerancePolicy, I’m A-ok 👌 with seeking the #deathpenalty for ALL of these #traitors & #terrorists. If you disagree, GFY- you have no sense of justice or powers of observation; perhaps yer IQ is super-low! 😂 ONLY AN IDIOT WOULD SUPPORT TRUMP, by the way; see my podcast NO HUMPIN’ TRUMPERS!! But no, seriously, All of these arseholes should be forced outta office NOW- if you agree – call Congress 202-224-3121 & bitch em out about it; & of course any other of yer pet issues.


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