Anti-tRump Tweets!

WHAT ELSE U HIDING FROM US, FF? To keep us from ‘panicking’? bet u know something we don’t- like asteroid ☄️ strike Election Day! U want us ALL TO GO TO OUR DEATHS💀AT POLLS, don’t u, ff Nazi 🤡?! Every1 CALL CONGRESS 202 2243121 – GET RID OF 🍊🤡 

300,000 Americans DEAD 💀 RN due to this POS garbage🗑president- he re-routed death💀& infection stats thru #WhiteHouse now, instead of @CDCgov!-EVERY1 call Congress 202-2243121 tell em #ImpeachNOWMFs- outta PRINCIPLE! Flush #PresidentJimJones 15x, like the fn TURD 💩 HE IS !!! 

I have Q for our DO-NOTHIN @USCONGRESS: why the F don’t u hold these SHARTSTAINS ACCOUNTABLE EVERY FN Day?! #FLUSHtheseTURDS 15x if that’s what it takes! @aoc @ewarren @sensanders @Ilhan @RepRashida @SpeakerPelosi @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @dnc @gop @RepAdamSchiff @senschumer

I’m #Trista4Sheriff, & I approve of these #AntiFascist Tweets! Now pls WRITE ME IN, so I can #LockThemAllUP! 🇺🇸