Archeology notes on SW Tucson

Scenes of Reiki SW! Pretty amazing place. So blessed & honored that I get to be the steward of this sacred-feeling place. I feel – as a ‘wannabe archaeologist ‘ rejected by NTU Archeology PhD program ! ha that this is an ancient site of something – maybe a dancing, ceremonial area; or one of the many ‘guardians’ as they’re called in local lore here in #tucsonArizona. As trained ethnobotanist & student of #paleobotany; I have closely observed any ‘volunteers’ to come up from this clay-ey soil at the foot of an ancient ‘protected peak’ called Red Rock; (cf #AyersRock); or ‘Red Butte’. The fact that local #indigenous #nativeamerican #PascuaYaqui #pueblo & #TO #TohonoOodham call these ‘#skyhills’ in geological terms – just in this area DO, eerily & #awesomely #intriguingly enough RESEMBLE figures – some w/hands outstretched before them; almost as if they were frozen in time and turned to stone; or more so- kinda exposed from within; an implosion, I’d say. I’ve invited many experts to this place so I could pick their brains about this #fascinating place in the #GreatAmericanSouthwest.