Banned Tiktok creators have legal course of action!

#Tiktok is allowing #massreporting by #trumphumpers to shut down ‘ban’ the accounts of many #BIPOC #indigenous & #blackcreators. Since #Tiktok was sold to #Oracle, a #tRump ally, so far they’ve failed to revise or review their process of handling community guidelines violations. We here’s a #remedy for that! Apparently, we can SUE TIKTOK ; we can SUBPOENA the identity of those who mass reported us; we can SUE THAT PERSON or group of people; and maybe 🤔 THEN tiktok will do the right thing & reinstate those accounts and stop allowing rabid right-wing ‘faketriots’ to shut down any voices from the left. It’s a real battle going on rn!!! @djlegaleagle @legaltalknet @vanityfair @progressivepartyusa @repaoc @usprogressives @legal.times