Chris Hedges, Mike Moore on MY show! :)

Chris hedges is a #pulitzer prize-winning writer & journalist, who lost his plum job as Middle East bureau chief of the #NYTimes when he wrote articles about the #illegal & #immoral #US #invasion of #Afghanistan. Respect! Like hedges, I researched sur place the former #Yugoslavia; this guy was hanging out with #vaclevhavel during #Czechoslovakia’s #VelvetRevolution. Mad respect!! I’d argue that is what America needs right now- a VELVET REVOLUTION; a bloodless war and resolution to the currently untenable and unbearable situation we have at hand. Hedges and I stand together on the need to #LockUptRump and his fn #tre45onous minions – and he warns of the possibility next time of the rise of a ‘competent fascist’, as opposed to Mr naziface ass-#DUMPtRUMP and his incompetent, unhinged ‘leadership’ style. Hedges, who holds a masters in divinities (I have Doctorate in Divinities! 🙂 expounds on #CHRISTIANFASCISM in America, which resembles German Christianity under fn #Hitler. Simultaneously, #christians oppress women, which we can see in the #draconian new law in #texas, a six-week abortion law, which the fn #SupremeCourt upheld (#scotus), but fortunately #MerrickGarland of #Biden’s #DoJ stepped in and filed suit against Texas for this sh+tty law. THE REAL REASON Christ-stains are so against abortion and a woman’s #righttochoose is, of course they hate women & themselves (#misogyny, internalized misogyny); but they – racist fn UBERCHRISTIANs are fearful of being the minority w/plummeting birthrates. They want more WHITE babies; & also, want to inflict as MUCH misery and suffering as possible on non-whites and people of color, who will be the ones to die from their draconian, sh+tty laws. HOW FN EVIL IS THAT !!!! #TAXTHECHURCH, MFRS !!! #POV SHARE THIS!!! & FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM TIKTOK YOUTUBE AND NOW FACEBOOK! TRISTA4CHANGE.COM