Dear Editor- I am an honors graduate in political science from Berkeley, Oxford University and a journalist for many years. I’m writing ✍️ to urge the public to demand our reps IMPEACH AT ONCE former president trump – officially the worst president in history (APSA).Until now, Our Congress has essentially been COMPLICIT – always looking the other way and failing to respond to the litany of egregious offenses against all, while the Trump regime bore malice toward all except himself, of course, and the very rich who paid him tribute. Why didn’t the Congress censure him for superspreader rallies? That’s criminal neglect of his duties, & Public endangerment. Why no censure for blocking covid testing and funding for PPE for our nations first responders? For calling covid racist, hate-filled terms like ‘Kungflu’ or ‘Democratic hoax’ to the public, in attempt to deflect blame and any responsibility the president has to ACT –  when in private he called it a ‘plague’ to #bobwoodward- as early as feb7? Why didn’t y’all censure him for lying to the public over 30,000 times, Congress? Isn’t that a breach of public trust? How bout when u did nothin after he was grotesquely Mocking a disabled reporter? Haranguing the press, calling any reporters ‘Enemy of the State’, vilifying you if he didn’t like your question? Vilifying and exposing the identity of whistleblowers? Dr Fauci had to get personal protection because this president sicced his neonazi militia on them, through ‘dog whistles’ like telling the Proud Boys to ‘standby’ for the elections – which you of course did NOTHING in response. If I were a member of Congress, he and his entire #crimefamilysyndicate would be in jail right now. There would’ve been 1001 more #impeachmentarticles on his desk the day after he was acquitted in January. 
   Quite honestly, you brought that attack on yourselves on Jan. 6, from failing to respond to the countless examples of tyranny that were plainly visible for all to see. You, Congress failed to rein him in, until he almost succeeded in doing YOU in. You could have impeached him for a million things before that insane spectacle – but you did nothing till the mob was literally at yer doorstep and you were literally hiding under your chairs 🪑 in the Congress. Now I guess you know how the rest of the planet 🌎 felt for the past 4 years: BESIEGED.His neonazi thugs set up gallows outside Congress, and Pelosi AND vP Pence we’re going to be HANGED, LIVE. Wtf, Congress? Nobody is even talking about levying terrorism and TRE45ON charges against these outright criminals! Why!?Why the hell do you not ACT, ever??? This is an EMERGENCY 🆘! Impeach and throw them ALL in jail, or they will continue to be emboldened. Allowing federal agents to attack reporters? Allowing national guard to employ gestapo tactics against peaceful BLM ✊🏾 protesters? How bout the time you did nothing when our ‘government’ employed Gestapo tactics against civilians, kidnapping peaceful protesters in unmarked vehicles?How bout when Congress did nothing when tRump Pepper sprayed a peaceful crowd in Lafayette Park, just so he could pose for photo op w/an upside-down Bible? How bout the FACT that thousands of mental health officials have been saying all along: HE IS MENTALLY UNFIT. How bout when u & the rest of Congress did nothing when he was Inciting armed terrorists to kidnap gov whitmer? The fn unconstitutional Muslimban? Turning down 100,000 covid vaccine doses in July? KIDS IN CAGES, for gods sake? The missing ‘666 children’ the tRump regime somehow lost track of? Why didn’t Congress censure for indefinite detainment, turning away refugees from ports of entry; stealing uteruses from migrant women in #ICEdetention? 300,000 stolen ballots ‘lost’ in USPS? Isnt THAT #electionfraud, Congress, that you said NOTHING about??How bout when he was Undermining mail-in ballots & calling election rigged months before they took place? Lying that he hadn’t colluded with Russians to steal BOTH elections- when he DID COLLUDE?Trump’s BILLION dollar debts to the Chinese COMMUNIST Bank, Nazi Deeutschebank AND half a billion to Russian oligarchs? A lifetime of money laundering? Decades of every type of financial and tax fraud?Stealing millions from charities ? Stealing millions from the Pentagon for his illegal wall?  Violation of #emolumentsClause from Day One? Removing mailboxes so people couldn’t vote? 60 specious lawsuits with nothing but a post it note for ‘evidence’? Bilking his sympathizers for almost ONE BILLION, by LYING to them, defrauding them by refusing to concede? By god his was a disgusting 🤮 lot of horse 🐎 💩 All these things are so heinous, yet Congress did NOTHING. I hope 🤞 u will be so kind as to give me an answer, pls, as to why this is so. Why did Congress do NOTHING to protect us, the country, all this time? CONGRESS MUST IMPEACH AT ONCE, & make sure this horrible tyrant is NEVER 👎 allowed to hold office again! As felon, his voting and gun rights should be stripped too. PS: Please seize his I’ll-begotten assets, too! Get back all those billions he stole from our nation’s coffers. Kanye west don’t deserve 2.2 million in PPP small business loans! Neither does DHS’ Chad Wolf’s lawyer wife!! Demand our money 💰 RETURNED!! Trista di Genova-CHANGTUCSON. AZ TRISTA4CHANGE.COM

Congress has done JACK ALL for the past four years to rein in this psychotic clown 🤡 from HELL- even though the democrat-led HOR could’ve impeached the Sh+t outta this #crimefamilysyndicate