Dear RepJayapal- why did Congress do NOTHING to censure & remove 45… til Y’ALL were attacked!?

Why didn’t u or the Congress censure him for superspreader rallies? Public endangerment. Why no censure for calling it Kungflu or ‘Democratic hoax’ to the public, when in private he called it a ‘plague’ to #bobwoodward- as early as feb7? Why didn’t y’all censure him for lying to the public over 30,000 times? Isn’t that a breach of public trust? How bout when u did nothin after he was grotesquely Mocking a disabled reporter? Haranguing the press? Vilifying and exposing the identity of whistleblowers? Allowing federal agents to attack reporters? Allowing national guard to employ gestapo tactics, kidnapping peaceful protesters in unmarked vehicles? Pepper sprayed peaceful crowd in Lafayette Park, so he could pose for photo op w/an upside-down Bible? How bout the FACT that thousands of mental health officials have been saying all along: HE IS MENTALLY UNFIT. How bout when u & the rest of Congress did nothing when he was Inciting armed terrorists to kidnap gov whitmer? The fn unconstitutional Muslimban? Turning down 100,000 covid vaccine doses in July? KIDS IN CAGES, for gods sake? The missing ‘666 children’ the tRump regime somehow lost track of? Why didn’t Congress censure for indefinite detainment, turning away refugees from ports of entry; stealing uteruses from migrant women in #ICEdetention? 300,000 stolen ballots ‘lost’ in USPS? Undermining mail-in ballots? Lying that he hadn’t colluded with Russians to steal BOTH elections? Violation of #emolumentsClause? Removing mailboxes so people couldn’t vote? 60 specious lawsuits with nothing but a post it note for ‘evidence’? Bilking his sympathizers for almost ONE BILLION, by LYING to them, defrauding them by refusing to concede? By god his was a disgusting 🤮 lot of horse 🐎 💩 All these things are so heinous, yet u and the rest of Congress did NOTHING. I hope 🤞 u will be so kind as to give me an answer, pls, as to why this is so. Why did Congress do NOTHING to protect us, the country, all this time?

There seems to only be a small number of our elected representatives who actually do their farken job.