lol Nazism exalts the fuhrer – or the president in this case, who promulgates racism & genocidal policies throughout the country; but Nazism is AGAINST religion, it is a godless State ‘religion’ only in the sense it is promoting cultural supremacy & hate & scapegoating. Christianity believes in a white Jesus, whose father is the Lord of everything, a loving but also wrathful & Jealous lord. Jesus is kind, helps the poor, heals the sick; He lives the simple life, he’s a teacher & a carpenter. Preaches tolerance & love I, not hate. Christianity of the fundamentalist American kind, believes a white Jesus ‘died for our sins’, was nailed to a cross and buried and then rose again – ‘resurrected’ from the dead. Christianity exalts a dead guy who preaches radical love, Nazism exalts the all-powerful leader, who is alive, & preaches radical hate. Both are cults of personality, though.