Does trump actually believe he is the antichrist or does he just try to act like one?

Christians SHOULD perceive him as someone who is doing his Absolute best to act like the Anti-Christ. To me, it’s obvious he is satanic, based on not only his actions of disappearing thousands of immigrant children and breaking every damn American law we have; but just contemplate for 1 moment the hardcore symbolism of upholding an UPSIDE-DOWN Bible in front of a DC church that he just had pepper-sprayed the assistant deacon. Also, he claimed he loved the Bible, but when asked by reporter he couldn’t think of ANY bible quotations or chapters of it, which indicates he’s never even opened the Bible. I think Christians want to believe him when he says he is one, but they are either super-gullible or want to believe the lie. Also, good people find it hard to believe trump must be a satan-worshipper.