Trump donated his measly 400k salary as a kind of cover for all the millions he helps himself to as our commander-in-chief.
As a certified antisocial, sociopathic narcissist, that was just an ‘empty gesture’, so then he could justify the $400 MILLION in taxpayer dollars spent on his golf trips, alone!
Let’s start using some Fox ‘news’-style ‘What-aboutism’ to talk about our LOSER president:
What about the security for Trump Tower, & his other residences?
What about all those ‘illegals’ he hired in ALL his golf courses, what do you think about that, how do you explain that away?
And what about the millions he’s raked in on his conflicts of interests, & violations of constitutional emoluments clause, even trying to make Maralago or one of his other real estate assets some kind of government cashcow, raking in illegally begotten gains through his hotels.
What about all his backroom dealings money-laundering & yes COLLUDING with to INTERFERE WITH BOTH OUR ELECTIONS & meeting KLAN-destinely with Russian oligarchs?
What about all the lying about Kushner’s & Don Jr & whoever else was caught having numerous secret meetings with intermediaries of Russian oligarchs; & caught lying about it, many times?
What about all the firing of independent counsels, the driving out of Berman in Southern New York?
What about his firing of all the Inspector Generals once they started getting too close to the truth about all his shady, illegal activities?
What about him & Treasury Secretary ‘The Foreclosure King’ Steve Mnuchin, pocketing the TRILLIONS in stimulus packages meant for Americans, not their sushi restaurants in Trump Tower & Republican congressmen & their wives!
Where the F are all the investigations? Oh yeah, he fired all the independent investigators!
What about his ruining the career of some truly professionals, ambassadors, highly decorated war heroes – yes, people who SERVED our country, not just LIE ABOUT BONESPURS to get out of actually doing!
What about the 180,000 dead Americans right now, due to his #TrumpVirus response?
Will he be happy if 180 million Americans DON’T die from his virus?
Now who’s conning who?
Do you actually believe this conjob?
By the way, pulitzer-prize-winning LA Times journalist David Cay Johnston described him like this: Mr Donald J Trump is “THE GREATEST WEALTH DESTROYER IN HISTORY!”
He lied even in court under oath; he FORGED his accountant’s signature on his financial court papers!
Accountant said: That’s not my signature!”
That’s Fraud! Why the F was he never charged? For anything?
Why does our judicial system & our Congress give him a pass on E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G?
What about defrauding Forbes so he could get on that list of World’s richest? What about the FACT he cost taxpayers BILLIONS in his unpaid debts – & WE’ve had to pick up the tab all these years!
Johnston determined that taxpayers paid 2 cents of every dollar to make up for the billions he cost us, writing off his ‘bad investments’ over the years.
What about that?
What about the FACT that he’s been dodging paying taxes for years; & the Trump organizations, NY Times investigated in 2018, have been tax-evading for DECADES!
What about that? What about all his financial fraud & still harping on about being such a great businessman!
If I had to write a country song about him, it’d be called:
“He’s nothin’ but a POS low-life, lyin’, stealin’, two-bit thief & conman SOB, darlin'”
Did you know that NO US bank will lend that guy any money?
What about that? If US banks don’t trust him, why should we?
You know why nobody but nazi Deutschebank & Chinese Communist bank will lend him money anymore, right?!
Trump NEVER pays back these millions of dollars in loans!
What about that, all you conservative Fcuks?
Now tell me, what kind of lousy, corrupt, self-serving & self-dealing businessman BANKRUPTS CASINOS! ? lol
Like George Carlin said,
‘They call it the American Dream – ’cause you gotta be asleep to believe it!”

PS WHAT ABOUT ALL THE 1000s of DISAPPEARED, KIDNAPPED & CAGED KIDS??? And LYING 20,000+ TIMES? Or the at least 20 LIES he told last night at the Republican National Convention alone!
Everyone CALL CONGRESS, B=TCH ‘EM OUT!!! 202 224 3121.
Tell ’em – GET