Is anybody else PISSED OFF 😤 that @joebiden bombed💣 our Middle Eastern fam?? Yeah that’s right I said it! We SHOULD be JUSTIFIABLY ENRAGED that OUR government is KILLING INNOCENTS as we speak! MOST ‘casualties’ are women & children- look 👀 at the statistics!! 90 % of war victims are CIVILIANS LIKE U AND ME!!! So #DefundThePentagon! If u think 🤔 this is ‘over-reacting’, yer a fn clueless moron- AND I bet u dont know this alarming statistic that should live rent-free in your head! OUR stupid country SPENDS OVER HALF THE NATIONAL BUDGET ON BLACK OPS every year !! That’s right BLACK OPERATIONS carried out by our gestapo-like #CIA, assassinating leaders of other countries and overthrowing democratically elected governments for the benefit of CORPORATIONS ! Btw, our fn CIA was started w/‘help’ of 1500+ Nazi-ass scientists OUR UN-government ‘saved’ from getting proper #Justice at the #nurembergtrials. These CS are lining their pockets w/no-bid OFFENSE contracts for their fn ‘buddies’ – ON TOP of all the heroin & coke smuggling our government has been carrying out for over fn half-century now! Remember Reagan & the Iran 🇮🇷 contra scandal? If not LOOK IT UP! Then CALL YER REPS IN CONGRESS 202-224-3121 AND DEMAND : DEFUND ALL THE WARS IN THE MIDDLE EAST & BRING OUR TROOPS HOME NOW! 🇺🇸 They are Wars of Aggression -illegal invasions that WE DONT WANT, but WE PAY 💰 FOR, at expense of our domestic quality of life! Only thing that wants ENDLESS FN WARS IN THE MIDDLE EAST is 1) the #MilitaryIndustrialComplex & the oligarch families that fund both sides of all wars! Eg, BUSH Family; Rockefeller’s, Biden warhawks etc ! So get off yer fat lardy American 🇺🇸 asses, & do yer patriotic duty! END WARS!!WAR IS OVER! Period! If u want it to be over, SPEAK UP!! Stop 🛑 letting chicken hawks & fn pedos like trump & Biden destroy our young men and women & treat us all like cannon fodder so they can be the fn pigs 🐷🐽 the World 🌎! #eattherich