#Georgia voters have chance to get rid of criminals like Purdue

Rethuglicans have been cutting off all our social services for many years, because they have the word ‘social’ in it – & therefore are ‘socialist’ things they want to get rid of. But WTF do we get for all the taxes we pay!? 💰 NOT MUCH AT ALL- precious little; kinda NOTHIN’, actually, if you think about it. We get: No healthcare, no education, no childcare, NOTHIN’. They don’t even fix the roads! If you noticed, ALL the @GOP politicians call their opponents ‘socialists’- like @SenDavidPerdue called @ossof a ‘Radical socialist’ although I bet the $120 MILLION that #tRump owes #ChinaCOMMUNISTBank that stupid arsehole #DavidPurdue knows abso-Fcuk-alutely NOTHIN’ bout #socialism. These POS thugs in office just use that term as a way to label their opponent & get the knee-jerk reaction they were getting in the fn #1950s & during the #McCarthy era. These fn arseholes decry ‘socialism’ because they want to cut all aspects of our #safetynet. Social welfare of every form- healthcare -they do t want any of us to have that- that’s why FF orange 🍊 nazi is trying to get rid of #obamacare altogether- during a fn #epidemic of his own making (I call it #TrumpVirus- man-made & nasty). Moreover, if orange nazi’s proposal for #socialsecurity is actually adopted, #SocialSecurity will RUN OUT IN 2023, according to credible sources. I knew in 1997 they were going to this, so this doesn’t affect me personally, but I actually CARE about my fellow Americans enough to try to warn you all. If you keep voting these fascists into office, yer just playing into their sick, sadistic fantasies of killing us all off – WITH OUR CONSENT. Wake the F UP, America 🇺🇸! Vote these rich fcuks OUT!! #Georgia has TWO critical #runoffraces Dec 14th. VOTE THEM OUT! #FLUSHtheseTURDS!! 💩 💩 These rich POS like #trump & #Purdue & all the other #rethuglicans want to keep all the profits for themselves and not share anything with the people who actually do work in this country. Our UN-government wants to stress us all out and kill us off so they can live better lives. #AFLCIO #ACLU #ACLUAZ Career politicians like #SenPurdue don’t actually have a platform of issues; they just expect to keep winning their races because they are wealthy and think calling their adversary a stupid label 🏷 will fool most voters into re-electing them. I don’t know- are #Georgia voters smart enough to get rid of useless political hacks like Purdue? I went on Twitter this morning, & flamed #purdue for all this. Moreover I told him several times in my tweets – just to make sure I got the message across- that @SenDavidPurdue AND @KLoeffley should be in fn JAIL right now for #insidertrading – NOT running for office. Moreover, as felons, @SenDavidPurdue & @KLoeffley should be #stripped of their #votingrights! If you agree, tell ‘em off! They’re fn kkkriminals, why should they just sail back into the fn #USSenate, only in order to do more damage & #abusetheirpower as our elected leaders? I wish Americans had higher standards than that! TRISTA4CHANGE.COM @abc @msnbc @trevornoah #BREAKING @opinion #oped @motherjones @rollingstone @cnn @fox @pbs @sky @bbc @guardian #politics @ap