EXPLICIT CONTENT– If you don’t like 👍 it, #GFY! Otherwise, enjoy 😊! WE SHOULD MAKE TRUMP #STEPDOWN & #GOTOJAILNOW! 🇺🇸 🚫 🍊 🤡 = 💩 & JUST DONT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER! 😂

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#Treason, #terrorism & #massmurder – the last time I checked — were considered examples of ‘heinous crimes’ in the eyes 👀of the law; & #punishablebydeath. Perhaps #nero was the last #terroriststatesman that was as #destructive & #dangerous as this one. #Trump’s #refusal to #concede is predictable, really, since his alternative is to #gotojail when he leaves office for the whole #gamutofcrimes – especially #taxfraud, all types of fraud. Four THOUSAND lawsuits already pending haha 😆 – or we – or SOMEBODY could maybe 🤔 persuade him to resign now – & go to prison sooner 🙂 Of course, I love ❤️ the end of any scenario where he & his entire regime & a few democrats for good measure! are allllllllll locked 🔒 up. As @pimasheriff candidate, that is always one of my #fantasies. I know this guy must be terrified of going to jail: so if he’s reading 📖 this & is my one ☝️ listener – it’s not so bad, #prison. Happens to millions of us- & it’s not so bad, especially not for the few so-called ‘billionaires’ like yerself! 😂 At least before we seize all yer assets 😂 Hell , how bout we let you play golf 🏌️‍♀️ in prison if you go #QUIETLY to #JAILNOW- come on, #NobodyDeservesItBetter !! 😂 I’m serious !! I can’t think of anyone worse than #Hitler – for all the #massmurder & # terrorism & #treason. YOU are the #UltimateAnarchist; YOU are the #UltimateTerrorist. We are seemingly defenseless against the breadth 🥖 & scale of your attacks on the world 🌎 We Really need to #CrushFascism like #Bolsonaro in #Brazil; #Putin, #Xi- we reaaaalllly need a #ReturnToSanity ——- SO: call 📞 Congress 202-224-3121 #Trump4Prison2020 🇺🇸 What does he have up his sleeve now? The closest thing you’ll ever get from a #narcissist is his #projection. His accusation against f #electionfraud is exactly what he has committed. Where are the 300,000 ballots the @USPS stole? Or the 3 million ballots #Rethuglicans & their judges determined would not be counted in Florida? 27 percent of FLorida votes weren’t counted due to Republican lawsuit@legaltimes This guy’s been torturing us all for 4 years. Tasing hurts like a b+tch. Many people have died from tasing, I’m against it as a means of interacting with other human beings. Period. It makes it so they don’t have to talk things out. Police 👮‍♀️ have destroyed all the evidence. This is a very dangerous period. Everybody- if yer an artist; writers, write ✍️! Post all over social media, become a creator to combat this mountain 🏔 nonsense; all this racist #horsesh+t 🐎 💩 #Comedy #commentary #ladycomics @comedycentral @iamjohnoliver @stephenathome #sethmeyers #thedailyshow #trevornoah #BREAKING