Hi Amanda & Lady friends, – I’m cc’ing copy of this to NOW & Feminist Majority; & my former boss at WIN-CAWA, for whom I covered UN Beijing conference on women & Trained other women community leaders how to organize online.
I think all Americans are slowly coming to the conclusion that ‘traditional’ methods of everything are now turned on their head. I’m even thinking we should just #defundeverything – the police, the military, the pentagon, the White House! & everything- and start afresh – and basically we need to step up to the plate to rebuild a fairer, more just society.
I’d argue the biggest problem in society is patriarchy, followed closely by racism.
Racism & patriarchy have given us this broken, insane, fascist police state.
We NEED women, & we desperately need women to lead from now on.
Let’s stick up for each other, like the sisters we all are. Let’s call that bozo out who raged at AOC- as a member of Supermajority Majority Leaders program, I propose we vote on a resolution to censure & remove that individual from congress.
We’ve got to stop tolerating such ugliness & bigotry from our elected leaders.
Supermajority doesn’t need money; my campaign for sheriff in Tucson Arizona Doesn’t need money, either. I accept donations from nobody, because that is a form of institutionalized bribery. Elections should be about ideas 💡, not who can collect the most SuperPAC dirty money.
We -women- need power, 🔥 & to empower ourselves.
How can we empower ourselves?
How can we make the most of what we have, ALL of our resources & talents & skills, to make a better world 🌎 for a all.
It is a scary American society right now, & we’ve all been traumatized & PTSD’d out by the constant barrage of bigotry & hate coming from OUR White House 🏡- & yes, it is OUR White House… that black people built, actually! If you look at the history of the White House.
Here are a few ideas supermAjority & women’s organizers & organizations can do:
1) PUBLISH ONLINE CANDIDATE STATEMENTS/PLATFORMS. If supermajority publishes all majority leaders’ candidate statements with details of what office they’re running for, then that is a PR BOOST for all of our campaigns. Then We all as candidates can
LINK to the supermajority site in our press releases to the media about our campaigns.
2. LETS MAKE RESOLUTIONS AS GROUP. I propose we all vote on a resolution to demand the congress #ImpeachAGAIN. There’s already a hashtag on Twitter for our purposes: #MakeAmericaImpeachAgain!
Proud to be a part of this: can u get us endorsements from Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda?
3. Help us all as candidates get these elect celebrity feminist women endorsements- can Oprah endorse us all? How about Ellen DeGeneres?
Yours sincerely,
Trista diGenova-CHANG, official write-in candidate for Pima sheriff (covid cut short my signature gathering; & GOP lawyers contested my signatures! – which I’m appealing to AZ Supreme Court.
PS: just thought of this : 4) Have our campaign blogs on supermajority site!
Then press can cover women’s campaigns around the country on one site!
Btw, mine is, under construction.
And I have a problem I’d love feedback – I can’t seem to get any of my letters to the editor published!
I do one almost every day, and I worked for the media & newspapers for many years. I don’t know if it’s the corporate media quashing it, if what I’m saying is too controversial, the pandemic panic short-circuiting media, layoffs or what….
Let’s make a resolution demanding 50 percent of seats go to women from now on! The men have really destroyed our planet 🌎!
Viva las mujeres,
Tucson, AZ