In order to rig our elections, trump will continue doing what he’s doing: not allow mail-in voting- even if he does it himself, for the past decades- & keep complaining about democrats rigging it, which they actually did in the primaries against #PresidentSanders- & then when he knows he’s not gonna win, he’ll declare a national emergency.
Since he’s stacking the federal & other courts with his Young neocon/neonazi Judges that’ll come in handy. He’ll keep pressuring Ginsburg to retire early until she caves in, or dies so then he can ram yet another ultra-conservative Supreme Court judge on there.
He & Mitch brag about this horde of judges they’ve added to federal circuit. It’s important in case there’s another re-count case like Gore-Bush in 2000 that goes to Supreme Court. So with his stacked courts he’d be sure to win there.
He can also just do what he stated publicly-suspend the congress, & that is kind of a checkmate move because then the Congress – & weThePeople can’t do anything at all.
A suspended congress can’t impeach and remove trump & pence (As they should do now, & as they should have done in January). Trump’s judges – if not forced to recuse themselves- will block any other attempts to remove him through the courts. He’ll threaten and maybe assassinate more judges that get in his way.
Since he is doing and threatening ALL THESE THINGS, & Democraps are as complacent af & Americans, too- thinkin’ we’re actually gonna get to VOTE?? Haha 😂!! Or that our vote is gonna be counted!?! Lol 😂
Ask BBC investigative reporter Greg Palast- he’s exposed the broken, corrupt is electoral system for what it is, for decades now. Hacking DIEBOLD voting machines is easy as ‘changing info in MS Excel documents,’ & our corrupt af political establishment wants to keep it that way, obviously, or they’d just switch the system to online or over the damn phone!
GOP ‘Caging lists’ have been used for decades now to disenfranchise the black vote. We’ve had unchecked GOP gerrymandering up the yin-yang; & now the GOP control a slight majority of State legislatures & governors.
Even Democraps are not innocent in the least, & are complicit in NOT impeaching again. Like Uncle Ralph Nader put it, both parties are ‘dialing for the same dollars’, & our Congress has ‘abdicated its responsibility’ to remove and imprison this hardened band of kkkriminals. They have betrayed us & their oath of office to protect and defend the constitution.
Ohio purged students in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, largely because GOP Secretaries of State – like Katherine Harris in FL have been instrumental in PURGING THE DEMOCRATIC VOTE.
So all trump has to do to rig our elections is to take the vote out of electoral college by declaring a national emergency if he has to; he is totally prepared to do this- remember he declared national emergency over the building of his illegal border wall? That was just a test to see if he could get away with that. Congress should #defundthePresident!
So, right at the point in the race when he knows he will lose, he’ll suspend the elections by calling another bogus nazional emergency. Then the elections will be thrown I to the Republican-dominated state legislatures, who will vote him back in again.
Or he’ll claim that only he can lead us thru this covid national emergency, & just refuse to step down.
Notice how on Faux ‘News’ interview yesterday, he refused to say if he would step down if he lost to joe Biden ? That’s because both he and Pence are gonna have to be dragged outta there kickin & screaming 🙀 like the big man-baby he is – & sore loser.
Trump can and WILL REFUSE to acknowledge the results, because he can’t win the normal way. Easy as pie! That will totally screw up our elections. He, big fat fraud Trump will totally screw up our elections; it’s a given! Thing is, we can’t let him do that. We know he is capable and even planning this, to seize control like Putin and declare himself our king whether we like it or not.
This nightmarish scenario is not only POSSIBLE, it’s PROBABLE! So wake up, amerikkka! We cant wait til November, & there will be NO FAir, FREE OR Safe Elections this year while he’s in office! He’s using covid to suppress the vote and send democrats to the polls to get infected by the millions. Everybody call Congress 202 224 3121 & get on yer reps & impeachment managers’ case! Time to Make America Impeach Again!
Trista diGenova-CHANG
Candidate for Pima County Sheriff Aug4/Nov. 3
Tucson AZ