As Oxford grad in women’s psychology I object to brotha Michael’s claim of ‘feminization of society’, used like epithet.
First of all, our society is INSANE, yes – a point which he and I agree- but I would argue we’ve seen the utter annihilation of women & the feminine in this society; what he’s actually describing is a mass form of FEMICIDE; goes back millennia, burning women at the stake literally for having the priestess role in society.
I wanna ask him when not St!) Patrick carried out genocide against the druids on the part of the Roman empire, and said he had eradicated the serpents from that blessed isle, was he actually talking about PRIESTESSES?
WOMEN of course are fn traumatized… We’ve been persecuted by the church and our governments since that time! Shunned from taking leadership role in spiritual affairs. Where are the fn apologies by the vatican and reparations??

Hi 👋@potus/@FLOTUS, as #presidentialcandidate2024, I call on u to do the following to save our country from the nefarious interests now plaguing the entire planet: https://t.co/vkd0K9Wt6v
If u don’t, no big surprise because w/all due respect yer part of the problem. TRISTA4CHANGE.COM #ViralVideo

PS: HAVE THE #JusticeDepartment Sue 45 for #domesticterrorism! That’s what I would do!!

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