BTW people on fox feed sound so narrow-minded- obviously because only dolts watch #faux ‘news’! I should take out ad on fox explaining to yer viewers how your fraudulently titled ‘news’ programs actually MISINFORM so that Fox viewers are even MORE uninformed than someone who doesn’t watch news at all? I wonder if Fox News has ever been sued for ALL ITS WORTH 🙂 😊 for fraudulently calling itself ‘news’? Fox is ENTERTAINMENT only, so consider this as a #CEASEANDDESIST unlawfully calling yerself ‘news’! #BoycottFox #Fox is singlehandedly the BIGGEST REASON our country is so divided today; we can’t even have a decent national discourse, b/c of fox ‘news’ mind control & brainwashing half our population with yer racist hate speech 🎤 on a daily basis. You really should be SHUT DOWN. Fox. That’s my #PresidentSanders ! ❤️USA 🇺🇸 BERNIE WAS RIGHT!! And if @DNC hadn’t rigged both 2016 & 2020 #democraticprimaries, this arsehole #traitortrump wouldn’t be in office r n, terrorizing us like the #presidentjimjones that he is! 🚫 🍊 🤡 Btw @aclu should #countersuetFF tRump for #electionfraud – did y’all forget about the 300k #stolenballots that #dejoy & #teamtrump should BOTH be charged with 300,000 counts of #stolenmail – which is a #felony !! 😂 another to add to trumps BILLION FELONIES 🤡 😂 Did u know that trump now turns off comments on his social media? IG – no posting allowed ! And also, the White House comments line 📞 is SHUT DOWN ! Why don’t u do a story about that? https://anchor.fm/trista-di-genova-chang-pima-sheriff-candidate/episodes/I-SING—TIME-FOR-YOU-TO-FLY–FOR-FF-NAZI-ASSCLOWN—-ACROSS-THE-UNIVERSE-TO-SOOTHEAMERIKKKA-eocq34

I have a fantasy about SUING FOX NEWS FOR ALL IT’S WORTH – fraudulently calling itself ‘news?! Then, when I win my case, give that 32 billion or whatever ‘Faux ‘news’ is worth – for the funding of PBS – Public Broadcasting Service for the next 52 years’!?