Wisconsin leaders Gov. Tony Evers & Lieutenant General Mandela Barnes asked for federal agents to help assist with riots in #Kenosha, Wisconsin. There are peaceful protests going on, after Jake Blake was shot 7 TIMES in the back by an as-yet unnamed criminal police officer, who should be charged with attempted murder & thrown in jail, if I were #KenoshaPoliceChief. Blake is in a coma & is paralyzed from the waist down & struggling for his life right now. Lawyer is #BenCrump, Esq. Arsehole Lindsey Graham wondered why Blake hadn’t ‘yielded before’ to the police. Fact is, Mr. RESIGNNOW Graham Cracker, Blake was trying to break up a fight between two white women, & probably got scared by the officers’ handling of the situation. He was trying to get into his car, stupid cop followed & was behind him, & shot Blake IN THE BACK 7 TIMES, in front of his three toddlers! OUTRAGEOUS CRIMINAL POLICE MISCONDUCT!!! The video will be posted on my Youtube channel. Then, last night, an armed WHITE SUPREMACIST TERRORIST opened fire & killed two PEACEFUL PROTESTERS. Mr. Ass-DUMP should be REMOVED & IMPRISONED for #AidingAndAbetting these #TERRORISTS; AND for oppressing peaceful protesters exercising their Constitutional rights to #FreedomOfSpeech & #FreedomOfAssembly & #FreedomOf Association.
I also call for ANY RESTRICTIONS ON OUR FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY TO BE TAKEN UP W/THE SUPREME COURT! For many years, cops have been threatening arrest for ‘illegal protests’ or ‘illegal demonstrations’. We should NOT have to have a ‘permit’ to protest! That is a violation of these constitutional freedoms. These unconstitutional restrictions should be STRUCK DOWN !
I have SUGGESTION FOR PEACEFUL PROTESTERS. SIT DOWN!!! HOLD ‘ST. LEWIS SIT-INS’! When we hold St. Lewis Sit-Ins, in Rep. John Lewis’ honor, we will be PROTECTED from harm by these police agents! Not only will we be protected from the afterlife by our patron saint, the recently departed civil rights hero, Rep. John Lewis, but it will be impossible for Po-lice to LIE & SAY WE ATTACKED THEM, from a sitting position! Stay safe guys & gals; keep the faith, & THANK YOU for yer BRAVERY & COURAGE!!!!! You are the TRUE PATRIOTS & HEROES RIGHT NOW! ! !

@LGMandelaBarnes Dear Sir: Please make a statement; make it CLEAR federal agents must use CLEARLY MARKED VEHICLES; IDENTIFY SELVES; & they will be PROSECUTED TO THE FURTHEST EXTENT OF THE LAW for making ANY FALSE ARRESTS! Good luck & keep up the great work! Will you endorse me? 🙂