If #Biden were 4 MILLION VOTES BEHIND, he’d be hounded: CONCEDE NOW, tRump!


Yer 4 MILLION VOTES BEHIND, & you’ll probably LOSE LIKE A LOSER *ALL FOUR STATES’!! HAHA! 😛 😆 😂 #Nevada #Pennsylvania #Georgia AND #ARIZONA WILL ALL GO BLUE- because YOU sabotaged the GD postal system #USPS- so those last mail-in ballots were people like ME – who DROPPED EM OFF IN PERSON ! GFY, #TRAITOR! YER NOT GOIN’ TO JAIL SOON ENOUGH! You should be torn out of office as a #MassMurderer, having killed 300,000 of us – fn #PresidentJimJones! They don’t call u #PresidentJimJines for nothing! GET OUT OF OFFICE – #RESIGNNOW, #JAILNOW! CONCEDE, FR! GET PUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE! You should be DRIVEN OUT OF OFFICE so we can get a SANE, RATIONAL LEADER IN OFFICE to lead us out of this crisis, u fn self-described #PSYCHOTIC! OUT NOW, SHARTSTAIN!! TRISTA4CHANGE.COM

It’s time for Mr. Assface Nazi-dump to CONCEDE AND RESIGN, FF!