I’m running for governor next yr!


I need more followers on this TikTok , if yer so inclined, and are a ‘Tiktokker’. My @trista4congress TikTok account is doing quite nicely, as long as I have 1000 followers so I can go on live sessions, I’m cool.
Now that I’m on FB again, I’m finding success w/uploading reels to this platform in particular, more so than on IG and YouTube. I think my @trista4prez twitter account is still operating but I’m not using it RN.
Pretty soon, I hope to be getting more national attention when I officially get on @Ballotpedia for my run for #ArizonaGovernor next year. I have already filed for that position with #KatieHobbs, the #AZSecretaryOfState.
I’m hoping Pima County Democratic Party will put forward my name and allow me to be nominated for any positions that open up in Arizona in the near future, as the Biden administration is drafting some democratic officeholders into his administration- namely the Department of Transportation, deputy of tribal affairs; &
#ChrisNanos, the newly elected @pimasheriff (Democrat) is being tapped rn for Head of BP ! And a few House Democrats are resigning – one a trauma surgeon (D) who wants to return to his career; another well, idk.
I’m also filing to run for #potus in #2024. Why? Cuz nobody’s better qualified! Besides, nobody’s gonna do a better job !!!!!! Everybody’s SICK of the politics in this country, it is so corrupt, and #progressives like me need to turn out and turn up and FLOOD CONGRESS next year. We need some big changes and only PROGRESSIVES like me are gonna get the job done in the public’s best interest.
I’m seeking endorsements from any and all progressive members of congress or any elected office in the country; as well as INTELLECTUAL powerhouses like #NoamChomsky and @RalphNader; & progressive, women’s organizations; NORML ; labor unions; #greenparty; #progressiveparty; #independentparty even the odd Republican heroes of mine like #RepAnthonyGonzales.
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