Let’s Change ‘Thanksgiving’ to ‘THANK INDIGENOUS PEOPLES DAY’!

DONT FORGET TO THANK YER INDIGENOUS FRIENDS TODAY ! If you don’t have any, make one! Go to #nativetiktok & inform yourself, and thank the #nativecreators there – I suggest #SeaaRose & #notoriouscree – two of my favorite #creators on #tiktok.
THANK YOU 🙏, Indigenous Peoples, for putting up with all our Sh+t! / we damn put u through a ton of it / White Man stole yer land,,women & children / & I’m thankin u today / so maybe there’s a way we can get past it / TRISTA4CHANGE.COM

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Trista di Genova-CHANG is an award-winning MMJ & former newspaper journalist, scholar, researcher, painter, artist, musician 👩‍🎤; poet, author ✍️, actor, film 🎥 director, comedian & public health advocate. Trista is honors graduate 👨‍🎓 of UC Berkeley, Oxford University, & Taipei Medical University in Taiwan 🇹🇼. Now she manages an eco-ranch in Tucson, AZ & is concurrently running 🏃‍♀️ for 3-4 political offices – @pimasheriff, #AZGovernor & #potus!

Enjoy this free podcast – please share with your blind indigenous friends today! 🙂 ❤️ thank you for listening 👂, 1 people! Lol 😆

#comedypodcasts @thedailyshow @comedycentral @washingtonpost @nytimes @ap @democracynow #oped #opinion #IndigenousPeoplesDay / #Thanksgiving pS: We need Truth, Peace & Justice, Reconciliation Movement in America 🇺🇸 CALL 📞 CONGRESS- tell em ‘THESE #TreasonousArseholes NEED TO GO NOW !!! 202-224-3121

Thanks to PROTECT THE SACRED’s founder, Allie Young & the #NavajoNation for delivering ballots by horseback so that #Biden could narrowly win #Arizona! Thanks 🙏 to ALL Native voters for voting despite all the obstacles this arsehole UN-government put in yer way! Removing earth ballot boxes, & desecrating your sacred lands, #TohonoOodhamTribe! And #Sioux & #Lakota, thank you 🙏 for protecting the water 💦 & your communities in the #Dakotas. And THANK YOU 🙏 , ALL OUR INDIGENOUS FAMILY for teaching us how to respect ✊🏾 Mother Nature, the Earth , & the #Environment. I’m sorry bout the arsehole White Man 👨 & when elected, I’ll – WE’LL right all the wrongs possible. Love in Solidarity ✊🏾 ❤️ 🇺🇸 🐎